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Tag: Roman Catholic Church

Pope asks Roma people to forgive Catholic Church’s discrimination

Making up around 10% of Romania's population, many Roma are marginalised, live in poverty and have suffered centuries of discrimination and insults.

Extreme Easter: Flogging, crucifixions in Philippines

Against the advice of the Catholic Church, Filipinos embark on a painful endeavour in a display of faith.

As Xi heads to Italy, Vatican says China should not fear...

Sources say the Pope may meet Xi Jinping this week and such an encounter would be the first between a Chinese leader and a pope.

Victims testify at child sex abuse conference

Pope Francis says the sex abuse victims deserve decisive measures but victims are mixed in their response.

Pope opens child sex abuse conference, promising ‘concrete’ remedies

Some victims' groups call the Vatican conference a publicity stunt, aimed at cleansing the image of the 1.3 billion-member Church.

Catholic Church credibility on the line at abuse meeting

Some 180 Churchmen and women will attend unprecedented meeting which the Pope wants to be a "teaching session".

Vatican Treasurer Pell’s lawyer says no grounds for trial, court to...

Magistrate Belinda Wallington will hand down her decision on whether to send Pell to trial on May 1.

Key cardinal rebukes pope over abuse comment in rare move

O‘Malley said he could not “address why the Holy Father chose the particular words he used at that time” but said the pope “fully recognizes the egregious failures of the Church and its clergy.

Indian Catholics hurt at missing out on Pope Francis tour

India was dropped from the schedule without any official reason given by the Vatican or Indian government.

Pope Francis names Malaysia’s first cardinal

Former Archbishop of KL, Anthony Soter Fernandez, one of 17 new cardinals from 15 countries named by pontiff at the Vatican on Sunday.

Pope Francis scolds clergy over part-time availability

Priests should welcome those who knock on those doors at odd hours, even if that means setting aside something he likes to do, says head of Catholic Church.