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Rome Statute, between Hirohito and the Agong

Not one of our constitutional clauses on rulers provides for the declaration of war to be in the hands of the Agong.

Saifuddin tells of ups and downs in foreign ministry

Despite the successful resolution of bilateral issues with China and Singapore, withdrawal from ICERD and the Rome Statute remains a black mark for Wisma Putra.

Global rights group gives PH thumbs down ahead of first year...

Human Rights Watch says the government not only failed to fulfil pledges on rights, but also back-pedalled on reforms.

Apandi: AG doesn’t merely act on instruction

Former attorney-general says a person holding the post must be ready to "call a spade a spade" according to the law.

Najib cries ‘freedom of speech’ in defence of 4 dons who...

This comes after Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah says he will not apologise over his 'kangkung professor' remark.

Rome Statute is about nation’s sovereignty not Rulers, says Shafee

Prominent lawyer says only rogue rulers would be affected, and urges more discussions between Putrajaya, palaces and the public.

2 previous AGs refused to ratify Rome Statute, says Tommy Thomas

He says he is surprised as he did not know the AG can refuse to act on instructions from the Cabinet.

‘Advice given by 4 academicians to Rulers on Rome Statute unjustified’

Rais Yatim says the advice is defective and they played a political game for which others have to suffer.

Over 1,000 rally in capital to ‘defend Islam’

Rally-goers, which included opposition leaders, also protest the recent arrest of a controversial preacher.

Ex-minister tells why Rome Statute not signed by previous govt

Former foreign minister Anifah Aman says he had to follow the advice of the Attorney General's Chambers.

No need for alarm over sedition probe into Rome Statute forum,...

The prime minister says police investigation is normal when reports are made and that probe will not necessarily be followed by charges.

Fix economy first instead of focusing on Rome Statute, says Najib

He questions need to debate this issue now 'to the point of fighting among ourselves, within the PH government and the Malay Rulers'.

Brief security forces and elite on Rome Statute, says expert

Shad Saleem Faruqi says there is no harm in consulting the Rulers, but there is no constitutional basis that they should be consulted.

AG: It’s PM and Cabinet who wage war, not Agong

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas cites example of British war inquiry, where former PM Tony Blair was called up.

Syed Husin on fears behind royal objections to Rome Statute

Veteran politician says rising criticism of the use of royal power provoked a backlash.

AG acknowledges failure to persuade Rulers on Rome Statute

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas says he spent 45 minutes explaining the legal position at an informal session of the Conference of Rulers.

Najib tells why Rome Statute was never signed by BN govt

He says BN had wanted to ratify the statute but was advised by the then attorney-general that it may contravene the constitution.

‘Fake news people’ scuttled Rome Statute ratification, says AG

Tommy Thomas says the decision to accede to the Rome Statute was made by the previous government in 2011, and the very same people who had supported it then are against it now.

Malay leaders, post-truth and alternative facts

Like Donald Trump, Malay leaders with ulterior motives have peddled post-truth and alternative facts to further 'ketuanan Melayu'.

Is PH being bullied by extreme forces?

What really bugs PH supporters is that a small segment of the opposition seems to have so much impact in derailing important decisions of the PH.

Don’t give up on ICERD, rights activists tell govt

Activists and academics advise the government to explain the treaty to the people instead of giving up on it.

Putrajaya to call the bluff of Rome Statute opponents

But Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah says it is the end of the road for the ICERD anti-discrimination treaty.

Academics should defend their stand on Rome Statute at forum, Patriot...

Patriot president Mohamed Arshad Raji says the four academics who advised the Malay rulers should be able to defend their academic integrity.

A castrated academe perpetuates fads

The recent emotionalism surrounding the Rome Statute showed the failure of Malaysian universities and educators.