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Tag: Rome Statute

Debate your stand on Rome Statute at forum, 4 academics urged

The Malaysian Academic Movement says the academics who advised the Malay rulers have not countered their critics.

Rethinking the role of professors, post-Rome Statute controversy

If professors serve their political masters, their new masters in a democratic society would be none other than the people.

Rome Statute would put international crimes under our laws, says Saifuddin

Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah says no amendments to the constitution would be required.

Student activist invites TMJ to forum on Rome Statute

Asheeq Ali wants to clear any confusion over the international treaty.

We talk, but Rome Statute would have allowed us to act

Ratifying the treaty would have allowed us a say against the lack of prosecution against atrocities committed by countries like Israel and Myanmar, which have always been our concern.

PH still the better choice, warts and all

Despite a series of bad news, there is a silver lining.

Rome Statute and the threat to our democracy

We are suddenly seeing demands that more and more issues be referred to the Agong or the rulers for their consent when the constitution itself does not mandate it.

You know where to find me, says TMJ

Tunku Ismail says he is ready to defend himself after the PM warns action will be taken against anyone who makes seditious remarks.

Rulers open to prosecution since 1993, Rome Statute not to blame,...

Edmund Bon dismisses the claim that monarchs will lose immunity if the government ratifies the Rome Statute.

The Rome Statute and the deeply disturbing ‘deep state’ disclosure

The existence of a clandestine 'deep state', as mentioned by Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah in explaining Putrajaya's decision to withdraw from the Rome Statute, is worrying.

Rulers also sought AG’s views on Rome Statute, claims Annuar

The Umno leader says the sultans' reservations over the treaty are not solely due to a memorandum by several academics.

Rebut that treaty memo, student activists urge ministers

Student group says Pakatan Harapan should respect academic freedom and not try to silence the lecturers behind memo.

3,600 signatures for petition to restore Rome Statute

Group of student activists behind leaked memo say they want justice for victims of MH17.

Rulers could have been ill-advised on Rome Statute, says Ku Li

Umno veteran responds to Putrajaya's decision to quit the international treaty.

Egypt-like coup could happen if people incited over Rome Statute, says...

The Amanah leader agrees with the suggestion that people could take to the streets and threaten the government if it goes ahead and ratifies the Rome Statute.

Groups gather outside Parliament with opposing demands on Rome Statute, Suhakam...

Protesters demand, among others, that the government form the Independent Police Complaints Commission following findings that Bukit Aman was involved in abductions.

Ex-servicemen back exit from Rome Statute amid warning of coup

The National Patriots Association says protest against ratification of the treaty appears to have been staged to bring down the government.

Putrajaya learnt nothing from ICERD episode, say groups after Rome Statute...

22 organisations say the Pakatan Harapan government surrendered aspirations of the New Malaysia to provocations from immature parties.

Students leak ‘memo to Rulers’ that derailed Rome Statute

In a Facebook posting, six activists protest against the 10-page document and launch a petition for the Rome Statute to be ratified.

Johor Sultan thanks Putrajaya for withdrawing from Rome Statute

Sultan Ibrahim says he hopes the government will put the interests of the people ahead of political interests.

G25 disappointed govt yielded to pressure on Rome Statute

It hopes it can be brought up later in Parliament for final decision when people have much better understanding of the matter.

We’ll give clearer explanation on Rome Statute issue, says Marzuki

The deputy foreign minister also says there is no issue with Warisan not attending yesterday's launch of Sabah PPBM.

Govt wanted to avoid clash with royals, Anwar says on Rome...

The PKR president says the prime minister did not want to prolong the issue.

Fear of ‘coup’ led to exit from Rome Statute, says Saifuddin

The foreign minister says there was a possibility of the issue being manipulated to the extent that people would take to the streets.