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Kuching DAP Youth wants RoS to suspend SUPP over 1MDB probe

The youth wing says the RoS should suspend SUPP as it faces civil forfeiture lawsuits by MACC over funds related to 1MDB.

1MDB funds: ROS scrutinising Umno documents for any breach of rules

It confirms receiving several memorandums urging for Umno to be deregistered for receiving money linked to 1MDB.

Not compulsory for non-Muslim houses of worship to register with RoS,...

MCCBCHST legal bureau chief says the RoS declared at a meeting with the council four years ago that there is no legal requirement for this.

Act against Umno for receiving RM212 mil from 1MDB, urges Syed...

The PPBM Youth chief says a political party should not use illegal funds and wants the Registrar of Societies to investigate.

RoS gives Sabah PPBM green light to set up divisions

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says they have three months to form the divisions and branches.

Ipoh Club upset with RoS for refusing to okay its revised...

The RoS has told the management committee it can appeal but president Thong Fah Chong says they do not know on what grounds they should appeal as no reason was given for the rejection.

Ibrahim Ali seeks court order for approval of party registration

The PUTRA pro tem committee chairman says there has been no news from the RoS for six months now.

Jeffrey: GBS tidak berpecah

Permohonan perdaftaran GBS dikemukakan kepada RoS Selasa lepas.

No, GBS has not broken up, says Jeffrey

The Sabah opposition leader says the opposition front is lying low until it is registered.

MyPPP contemplating legal action against RoS

M Kayveas says he has submitted an appeal to Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin against MyPPP's deregistration.

Kayveas to appeal to home minister on deregistration of MyPPP

He wants to see the letter from RoS first, as the row over the party presidency takes a new twist.

Muhyiddin confirms GPS’ registration approved

The home minister says the Registrar of Societies will issue an official letter in the next few days.

Postponing PKR polls breaches ROS rules, says election committee

The party’s central election committee chairman Rashid Din says leaders should be voted in before its national congress.

Hindraf tubuh Malaysia Advancement Party wakili kaum India

Pengerusi penaja MAP, Senator P Waytha Moorthy berkata masyarakat India mahukan sebuah parti khusus bagi mewakili dan membawa kepentingan kaum itu.

Waytha to set up new political party

He says the Malaysian Advancement Party (MAP) will work with Pakatan Harapan to serve the interests of Malaysian Indians.

Reform committee mulls scrapping EC, first past the post system

The committee’s chairman Abdul Rashid Ab Rahman also says the RoS should not be tasked with registering political parties.

Yes, Rafizi received approval to contest PKR polls, says RoS

PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din meanwhile says anyone who is not a criminal, a bankrupt or facing disciplinary action by the party can be a contestant.

Wan Azizah: JPP tentukan Rafizi layak bertanding atau tidak

Ini kerana undang-undang parti tidak membenarkan mana-mana orang yang didapati bersalah oleh mahkamah bertanding pada pemilihan parti.

RoS affirms PPBM as a valid party after de-registration tussle

The Registrar of Societies says PPBM is a valid political party and revokes its order for the party's de-registration.

PKR polls: Green light for Rafizi despite NFC conviction

The PKR vice-president has obtained exemption from the RoS as provided for in the Societies Act.

PH abandons legal challenge against RoS

Lawyer Michelle Ng says the suit is academic as Pakatan Harapan is now a registered body.

Ku Li calon presiden Umno lebih berwibawa

Tawfik Ismail dan Syed Hamid Albar berkata Ku Li lebih berwibawa dan berpengalaman untuk menghadapi Dr Mahahthir, sementara penganalisis Kamarul Zaman percaya ahli Umno tersentak dengan pertemuan terbaru Zahid dengan perdana menteri.

Kayveas names 22-member Supreme Council for myPPP

Disputed president says he has a letter from RoS recognising him as president, maintains that the party will be independent.

Home ministry names new RoS boss

Masyati Abang Ibrahim replaces Surayati Ibrahim who is transferred to the Public Service Department.