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Tag: Rosli Dahlan

No, pluralism and liberalism are not crimes, says lawyer

Rosli Dahlan says Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association president Zainul Rijal is mistaken in relying on such enactments in his claim.

Malaysia may only get 1/3 of assets recovered by US, warns...

Saying two-thirds will likely be taken by the US Department of Justice as proceeds and costs, senior lawyer Rosli Dahlan suggests the government go out to recover the assets on its own.

We need a fearless, upright AG

There are several possibilities, but Rosli Dahlan looks like a fine choice.

Court yet to hear PPBM’s RoS review bid despite urgency request

PPBM lawyer Rosli Dahlan says the party has been told the court administration is having difficulty determining who can hear the matter.

Court allows Muhyiddin’s move to strike out defamation suit

Judge rules that plaintiff Mohd Anas Sudin has no cause of action, says lawyer Rosli Dahlan.

Lawyer: Pandikar misleading court on parliamentary privileges

The idea that its privileges allow the Malaysian Parliament to do whatever it likes and that courts can do nothing to stop it is fallacious, says Rosli Dahlan.

‘Khalid Samad should file appeal against conviction’

IRF chairman Farouk Musa and lawyer Rosli Dahlan say otherwise it will seem as if the religious authorities are right in prosecuting the MP for teaching Islam without valid credentials.

Kassim Ahmad: The passing of a great Malay intellectual

Kassim Ahmad fought against Jawi to the end because he could not accept that a man’s mind could be caged by any authority. He believed Man was created to have free will.

Court throws out Perkasa’s bid to intervene in shariah amendments suit

Perkasa has no interest in former MP Tawfik Ismail’s suit seeking a court declaration that a motion by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to amend the law is in breach of the Federal Constitution, says court.

Lawyer: Revised charge against deported Turk is defective

Ismet Oczelick’s lawyers plan to seek an outright acquittal on a criminal charge against him while also, separately, challenging his deportation to Turkey.

‘Hantar suami saya ke negara lain, asalkan bukan Turki’

Isteri seorang warga Turki berkata suaminya bimbang dihantar pulang ke Turki susulan laporan penyeksaan tahanan pasca rampasan kuasa Julai lepas

Court: Acquisition of 26-acre land for mosque unlawful

This is a fit and proper case for appellate intervention when the findings and judgment by the High Court is not supported by evidence, says Court of Appeal.

Rosli Dahlan: Charge Langkawi MP for Lese Majeste

Lawyer calls for arrest of Umno's Nawawi Ahmad, and criminal proceedings to be instituted by Attorney-General for distorting facts, maligning royal institution.

Polis digesa tangkap Nawawi selepas mendakwa ‘MO1’ merujuk Agong

Peguam kanan Rosli Dahlan berkata beliau sendiri akan membuat permohonan mendakwa Nawawi sekiranya peguam negara gagal bertindak.