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Free pardon or full pardon? AG’s letter fuels new debate over...

With just a week left for polling day in Port Dickson, debate rages over the royal pardon granted to the PKR leader.

Australian filmmaker to be deported from Cambodia

Ricketson's lawyer Kong Sam Onn confirmed this, adding that the Australian's visa to stay in Cambodia had expired.

Anwar’s status comes into question, AG told to clarify

Vocal activist and lawyer Siti Kasim says Tommy Thomas must clarify the conditions of Anwar's release last May.

Lawyer wants inquiry into Anwar’s ‘unjust’ convictions

S N Nair says this is because the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has declared that the PKR leader is a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Don’t make Anwar PM immediately, says Daim

The former finance minister says any transition of power should be 'mid-term' and PH should keep the promise made to the voters.

Mahathir: I can last for two more years

Pakatan Harapan chief Dr Mahathir Mohamad says he assumed the leadership role because the opposition coalition's other components felt he should.

Royal pardon, end to death penalty sought during coronation

Human rights lawyer P Uthayakumar says prisoners deserve a second chance to make amends for past mistakes.

Mother overjoyed, royal pardon spares son’s life

Mother of a 33-year-old convicted drug trafficker rejoices after he is spared from the gallows.

Justo to board flight home tonight

The former Petrosaudi employee is happy to be heading home to Switzerland after serving more than a year of his three-year jail term.

Justo released from Thai prison

Xavier Justo's sentence is cut to two years under a royal amnesty, prompting the Swiss authorities to request for his transfer to serve the remaining term in Switzerland.

Justo will be granted royal pardon, says lawyer

Lawyer discloses Justo's impending release from prison, says his client has met the condition for a royal pardon as he has less than one year of his prison term left.

Justo gets royal pardon in Thailand

Justo will have his sentence commuted by one-third and will probably serve the remainder of his jail term on parole or be transferred to another prison.

Wednesday decision on Anwar’s royal pardon

Meanwhile a campaign called “A million signatures to free Anwar” has taken off, appealing to the King to free the opposition leader from prison.

Archived: Johor Sultan fully pardons death-row man

With the Sultan’s coronation today, 10 others to serve life sentences under royal amnesty.

No rush to name new opposition leader, says Guan Eng

DAP secretary general says there is still a 12-day grace period to finalise who will succeed Anwar Ibrahim.

Hindraf pleads with King for Royal Pardon on Anwar

The NGO says Anwar was a victim of selective prosecution and part of a political conspiracy to silence him.