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Tag: royalty

Stop arrests over social media posts, says lawyers’ group

Lawyers for Liberty says there will be no end to arrests if the authorities don’t make clear the restrictions on free speech.

Don’t trigger issues on race, religion, royalty, Muhyiddin warns

Home minister says he has asked cops to use the Sedition Act if need be to preserve the peace in the country.

British royals take commercial flight to see queen

British newspapers said the flight cost £73 a ticket and published pictures of William carrying the family's luggage by hand to the plane.

Rejection of Najib and BN was a snub to royal interference...

The veteran journalist says rulers and regents are not above the law when it comes to crimes like assault and cheating.

Brexit Party’s Farage ridicules Harry and Meghan with jibe at UK...

Nigel Farage's spokesman says the comments had been taken out of context and the Guardian had 'been naughty'.

Book on royal traditions of Perak goes for RM399 a copy

960-page book on ceremonial royal traditions took 20 years to complete, says author.

‘All up’: Queen Elizabeth’s swans checked and counted

The ancient ceremony dates back to the 12th century when the English crown first claimed ownership of all mute swans.

Conduct yourself like a Malay gentleman, PPBM man tells royal member

The party's supreme council member, Tariq Ismail says failure to do so could see them being labelled arrogant.

Prince Charles has a new title: Boutique hotel owner

Prince Charles was very closely involved in the renovation efforts and wanted everything to be done 'properly'.

Cutting through the Malay noise

Malays are in control of the country and their own destiny, but are now pitted against each other. Malays should use their political dominance wisely and not be used by unscrupulous politicians.

Our monarchs are our own creation

If the monarchs have transgressed or meddled in the affairs of the state, it is because elected leaders have agreed to it or been complicit in allowing such transgressions to take place.

Dr M slams TMJ as ‘stupid’ as spat escalates

The prime minister uses his strongest language yet on the crown prince.

MCMC raids suspect’s home after FB allegations against royals, leaders

Officers also confiscated a laptop, modem, smartphone, SIM card and memory card.

‘Teh tarik’ poster creates royal storm in a teacup

In the midst of tensions between government and royalty comes a claim of a tea party with four princes.

Lawyers say Pahang’s rule on allegiance to rulers may not work

They say Pahang needs to explain the need for such a ruling.

Rely less on minerals and forests, Regent urges Pahang

State should be a food producer state, and develop a system for environmental conservation.

Kadir to new MB: Who did palace back?

In a sharply-worded posting, PPBM man says Sahruddin must now learn to be bold and speak up, and learn why Osman only lasted 11 months.

In fresh blow to Monsanto, India cuts GM cottonseed royalty

Hindu nationalist groups close to Modi's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party have opposed both Monsanto and GM technology in India's agriculture.

Cops question Dr M’s media adviser over comments on Kedah sultan

This is the second time the veteran journalist has been summoned over comments on the monarchy.

Dr M is not anti-monarchy, says Kadir Jasin

The veteran newsman says the prime minister has established a cordial and productive working relationship with almost all the kings he served under.

Japanese emperor stresses his peaceful reign ahead of abdication

Akihito also paid tribute to the Japanese people and Empress Michiko.

Japan’s empress-in-waiting ‘insecure’ but vows to serve

Princess Masako's husband, Naruhito will ascend to the throne after Emperor Akihito's abdication.

Church of St Mary the Virgin: Is royalty buried here?

Apart from a conspiracy theory that Lady Diana Spencer is buried here, there is also a belief the same is true of Mary, Queen of Scots, who was beheaded.

Britain’s Prince Harry and wife Meghan attend final day of Invictus...

The royal couple will move on to New Zealand on Sunday where they are expected to be greeted by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.