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Tag: RSN Rayer

Sekarang Rayer mahu debat dengan Najib

Terdahulu Najib mencadangkan debatnya dengan Lim diadakan selepas Hari Raya dan disiarkan secara langsung.

Noh Omar offers ‘it’s a crime only if you’re caught’ analogy...

The BN MP says this in asking that all politicians be given equal treatment if they want to enter schools, adding that he has evidence that some school heads have been warned not to allow in opposition MPs.

Look to Penang for what PH can do, MP tells Malay...

RSN Rayer says the Malays in Penang will give Pakatan Harapan 'an A1 rating' for its work in the state.

Lawyer urges police probe on leaked Solicitor-General’s letter

AGC’s image affected by leaked letter, claims lawyer.

Jabatan Peguam Negara digesa lapor polis mengenai surat peguam cara negara...

RSN Rayer menyifatkan kebocoran pekeliling tersebut sebagai 'serius dan berbahaya' memandangkan AGC adalah badan perundangan tertinggi negara.

You cannot contest again, Sivarraajh told

A lawyer says election laws prohibit the MIC man, whose victory in Cameron Highlands was nullified from contesting in the by-election.

Why the theatrics, DAP man asks Sivarraajh over Parliament episode

Jelutong MP RSN Rayer asks why the MIC vice-president told the speaker he would appeal the decision of the Election Court if he had no intention of doing so.

Stop being ‘hitman’ for PH if you want to be minister,...

Umno veteran adds Rayer may not become a minister in future if he continues to be used.

War of words among MPs over ICERD rally

It started when Pontian MP Ahmad Maslan suggested that 'unity and harmony' should be added to the country's tourism tagline.

Retract ‘DAP causing Malay disunity’ claim, Rayer tells Umno MP

The Jelutong MP gives Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa 24 hours to either retract his statement or show proof that his claim is true.

Rayer desak Annuar tarik balik tuduhan DAP pecah belah Melayu

Ahli parlimen Jelutong itu berkata tuduhan yang dibuat ahli parlimen Ketereh itu sangat berat dan serius kepada DAP jika tidak disertakan dengan bukti.

Start Penang flood mitigation now, says MP

Jelutong MP RSN Rayer says while it is good news that long-awaited flood mitigation projects have been approved, the projects must begin right away.

The Star milik MCA, wakil rakyat PH bidas laporan

RSN Rayer berkata laporan akhbar itu tentang kelewatan Dewan Rakyat bersidang semalam tidak adil kepada Ahli Parlimen PH.

Tommy pendakwa raya terbaik untuk kes Najib, kata peguam

Ahli Parlimen Jelutong RSN Rayer berkata Tommy Thomas tidak terlibat dalam politik dan mempunyai reputasi yang tidak diketahui dalam golongan peguam.

Tommy still the best man for Najib case, says lawyer

Jelutong MP RSN Rayer says Tommy Thomas is not involved in political parties and has an untainted reputation in the legal fraternity.

Lawyer: Remove ‘quick disposal of cases’ KPI for judges

MP and lawyer RSN Rayer says rather than helping clear the backlog of cases, it is only adding to the problem.

Bar: You can’t hire a foreign lawyer unless…

The foreigner must have legal expertise not available in Malaysia, says George Varughese.

MP: Why is Najib hiring US lawyers when local ones just...

RSN Rayer calls on Malaysian Bar to carefully vet the application by Najib Razak for foreign lawyers to represent him as it may be a delaying tactic.

MACC review panellist urged to lodge report on AG

Lawyer RSN Rayer says panellist in SRC probe obliged to report that AG failed to act on evidence of RM42 million transferred into Najib Razak’s account.

We don’t wish to close TV3, says Kit Siang

DAP supremo says a DAP MP's remark on having TV3 licence revoked was made simply out of frustration, and that it is not PH​ ​policy to shutdown any media organisation.

Once Karpal’s chamber pupil, now the master’s heir in Jelutong

DAP's RSN Rayer says it is a great honour to contest in Jelutong, which was held by his mentor Karpal Singh for over 20 years.

Report lodged over video linking PH to foreign meddling, gay rights

Penang councillor lodges police report on video featuring Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Vincent Tan and others.

Penang exco leaves after 12 hours giving statement to MACC

Penang executive councillor Lim Hock Seng says he told officers to cram all their questions today as he has busy week ahead.

Penang exco man spends more than 9 hours giving statement to...

Lawyer RSN Rayer says Lim Hock Seng is not being investigated but is helping MACC in its investigations into Penang’s tunnel-roads project.