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Tag: rubber tapper

Drop in rubber prices force tappers to work part-time

The government's rubber floor price of RM2.50 is still not enough to make ends meet.

Tapper feels guilty over Putrajaya’s push to raise age of marriage

The Kelantanese says his marriage to an 11-year old has affected everyone as the government is working on raising the minimum age of marriage to 18.

Why was child bride sent back to Thailand, asks lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty says Malaysia has jurisdiction over the case and cannot just 'push the problem' to Thailand.

It’s not complicated, Latheefa tells Wan Azizah on child marriage

The PKR lawyer who heads rights group Lawyers for Liberty says the facts of the case in Kelantan have been well established and admitted to even by the perpetrator.

Child marriage: No more excuses, member of Putrajaya’s reforms council tells...

Ambiga Sreenevasan responds to a report that the 41-year-old man who married an 11-year-old girl had been interested in her since she was seven.

Ban child marriage for all children, says Sisters in Islam

The NGO says there is no acceptable circumstance which can allow child marriage to take place in the country.

Scrap child marriages, even with dad’s permission, says MP

Klang MP Charles Santiago says a bill to ban child marriages must be tabled at the upcoming Parliament session.

45 doctors in the Lim family

The 45 doctors are spread over rubber tapper Lim Tang Too's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

New national service proposed to get youths to tap rubber, grow...

Former senior civil servant Arshad Ayub says wages in the agriculture sector should be raised to entice young people to take up farming and related activities.