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Tag: Rukunegara

Is Zakir Naik engaging in comparative religion or insulting other faiths?

Experts in comparative religion usually do not belong to any faith because if they do, they will be charged with academic bias.

Pua: ‘Attack’ on atheism opens new chapter in shrinking rights

DAP MP says it is not right to interpret the Federal Constitution’s provision that every person has the right to profess a religion as meaning that everyone must profess one.

‘Freedom of religion includes freedom to opt out of religion’

Lawyer Art Harun says the provision for freedom of religion is not a requirement for Malaysians to profess a religion.

Why challenging the loyalty of 1.75 million non-Malays is wrong

If we were to raise the same question to all Malay Muslims, myself included, we would probably be disqualifying two-thirds of our citizenry from citizenship.

Back to the national principles of the Rukunegara

Whenever an issue about race or religion pops up in the country, the instant reaction from the local Chinese community has been largely emotional and lacking in logic.

Keep the constitution secular and inclusive

Suaram adviser questions the significance of including “Belief in God” in the hypothetical preamble to Malaysia's Constitution.

Set up TN50 national consultative council, says DAP

Lim Kit Siang says the council should be chaired by Nazir Razak with representatives from the government, political parties and civil society among others.

TN50 a pipe dream with weak support, says Kit Siang

How do you intend to launch a national shared vision when you lost your majority share of the national vote, he questions BN.

DAP: Hubungan kaum merosot, hanya PAS-BN yang mesra

Tidak ada kesungguhan untuk baiki hubungan antara kaum, kata ahli Parlimen

Kit Siang: Abolish BTN in Budget review

DAP veteran questions RM1.2bn spent on 'ultra Malay-racist' civics bureau over 30 years