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Everybody needs advice

To err is human, and we should not think that we do not need to be advised.

Rome Statute is about nation’s sovereignty not Rulers, says Shafee

Prominent lawyer says only rogue rulers would be affected, and urges more discussions between Putrajaya, palaces and the public.

Govt waiting for approval from Malay rulers on new chief justice,...

He says there is a provision for the proposed name for the appointment to be submitted to the Conference of Rulers and not just the Agong.

G25 disappointed govt yielded to pressure on Rome Statute

It hopes it can be brought up later in Parliament for final decision when people have much better understanding of the matter.

Legal expert: ‘Suicidal’ for any govt to change status of Islam...

Shad Saleem Faruqi says any such suggestion will be interpreted as an attack on Malay power.

Lawyer Aziz wrong on both counts, says human rights society

Hakam says it does not require the consent of the Conference of Rulers to abolish the Sedition Act and that calls for its abolition are not seditious.

Perkasa proposes Amir Act ‘to protect Islam and Malay rulers’

Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali says it should be similar to lese-majeste act in Thailand .

Time for all of us to ‘bangkit’, not just the Malays

The “Melayu Bangkit” rally would have been more useful if the organisers had galvanised the Malays to make full use of government initiatives to help uplift the Bumiputeras.

People’s voice is paramount, says Dr M

The prime minister says if the king is given absolute power to reject laws, the people will lose their power.

Workers paid to do nothing: A ghost army that haunts Gulf...

The government was trying to trim a wage bill that eats up more than half its budget -- an outlandish share even by Gulf standards.

‘Malay rulers had voiced serious concern over 1MDB issue in 2015’

Rulers did issue a statement urging government to solve the problem before it affected the country badly.

If you respect rulers don’t stop me, Anwar tells Najib

Former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim calls for government not to oppose his legal bid to restore requirement for royal assent for enactment of law.

‘Advisory body for king, Conference of Rulers sorely needed’

This will enable the rulers to fully exercise their powers, says head of the Panel of Consultants for Ummah Unity, National Dakwah Council.

Rulers’ consent needed to amend shariah laws, says ex-judge

Every Malaysian has the right to express his concern over Hadi’s bill and if Hadi Awang thinks it is his exclusive domain, he is constitutionally wrong, says Gopal Sri Ram.

‘Rulers’ approval not required for shariah law amendments’

Hadi’s bill proposes to amend an existing law, not introduce a new one, says Dewan Rakyat speaker.

Palace invite: Dr M takes sarcastic view of retraction

The former prime minister says he accepted the invitation in November thinking it was a national event.

Ku Li: Conference of Rulers can intervene when nation in crisis

Should governance stall and the excutive, legislature and judiciary are found wanting, the Conference of Rulers can take the lead, says the Kelantan prince

‘NSC Act can be resent to Parliament if need be’

Law can be resubmitted to the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara in the next session if there are any amendments to be made, says Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz.

Mahathir again asks Rulers to intervene

He wants them to save the country and not fail the rakyat.

Lawyer: Monarchy ought to be apolitical

Ramkarpal Singh says current system where MPs make laws is truly reflective of a democracy.

Rafizi, Mujahid are dreamers, says Zaid

Former minister says Malaysia is far from an ideal democracy and the people need the help of the royals to provide a check-and-balance for the government.

Malaysians must choose, now

Umno has unashamedly used every weapon in its arsenal – race, religion, rulers and riots – to scare the people, writes a former Umno assemblyman.

Archived: Najib’s split personality

Najib plays different tunes for political purposes but in the process, it is causing a rift in Umno.

Archived: MACC urged to reveal details of Taib probe

The Movement of Change Sarawak (MoCS) is urging the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Rulers' Conference not to accept recommendations to appoint Taib as the head of state.