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Win two tickets to GinRum.Me 2019

Make like a pirate and sample the best Gins and Rums available in Malaysia.

5 reasons why FMT’s 2 free tickets (worth RM336) to WhiskyPLUS...

WhiskyPLUS is back, with a dizzying selection of whiskies and spirits for connoisseurs.

Railway union demands open tenders when buying trains

Union says it is against purchase of train sets from China, based on their track record.

Cambodia’s first rum maker looks to expand overseas market

The boutique distillery exporting to France and Singapore aims to enter markets in Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong and Spain by next year.

Cuban rum and the end run around the US blockade

Cuba's signature rum, Havana Club, competes with the best known brands in the world even though it cannot be sold in the largest rum-consuming market.

Union angry over Liow’s resolve to transfer railway assets

The Railwaymen's Union of Malaya wants transport minister to stop the transfer of Keretapi Tanah Melayu Bhd assets to Railway Assets Corp and to listen to grouses of members.

Persatuan pekerja tuntut janji Tiong Lai bincang isu KTMB

Presiden RUM tidak teragak-agak sepentas dengan pemimpin pembangkang bagi memastikan suara mereka didengar menteri pengangkutan.

Fears over 4,000 jobs: KTMB says it will be win-win situation

KTMB is still in the midst of studying details of the agreement with the Railway Assets Corporation.

Railway union: 4,000 may lose jobs in KTMB

It says the government should provide more locomotives and freight trains to run services efficiently and cut losses.

Warga KTM mahu kementerian, SPAD tidak campur tangan

Presiden RUM berkata, segala urusan mengenai kereta api harus diuruskan oleh KTMB berdasarkan fakta ia dimiliki Kementerian Kewangan, bukannya Kementerian Pengangkutan.

Railwaymen slam MoT, SPAD for interfering in KTMB

Railwaymen Union of Malaysia president says matters regarding trains should be handled by KTMB as it is owned by the Finance Ministry, not Transport Ministry.

Tak mahu KTMB jadi seperti MAB, henti ambil alih aset

Ini disebabkan Perbadanan Aset Keretapi hanya pemegang amanah dan tidak wajar mengambil alih aset KTMB.