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Sabah has more pressing needs than khat, says minister

Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick says the focus now should be on improving the infrastructure of schools and teachers' welfare.

Worldwide, obesity rising faster in rural areas

Obesity has emerged as a global health epidemic, driving rising rates of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and a host of cancers.

PH needs an ideological framework to regain Malay support

PH leaders are well-meaning and sincere but they cannot assume that economic benefits arising from sound economic policies can garner support from the Malay masses.

Rural folk happier than those in urban areas, study shows

Survey reveals more than half of 'happy' local authorities are district councils.

Kedah to get Kulim airport, other major projects worth RM4.8 billion

Economic affairs minister says federal government wants to help Kedah and several other states catch up with the ‘mainstream’ economic growth.

Hardcore poor becoming too dependent on handouts, says minister

Sabah Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick says a large number want to continue getting assistance.

Sabah DCM unhappy MASwings ceasing operations on 2 routes

Christina Liew urges the transport ministry and the Malaysian Aviation Commission to reconsider the decision as this will adversely affect Sabahans.

Mid-Term Review: 4 opposition-held states among 6 to see extra development...

To ensure balanced growth nationwide, the government plans to bring more development to Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis.

Beer and bull-riding: Australian revellers celebrate the outback

The two-day event has outlasted other festivals held in Australia by embracing the nation's rural heritage.

Can one mother’s tragic death inspire overdue change to rural Sarawak...

With the nearest hospital hundreds of kilometres away, expecting mothers in Sarawak's interior face life-threatening journeys and are pleading for help.

Maszlee: Need to relax varsity entrance criteria for rural, poor students

The education minister says there is a need to do so as the rural and poor students in places such as Sarawak are very much disadvantaged compared with their affluent and urban counterparts.

Bumiputera policies still needed, says Malay lobby group

Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu says Malaysia can only achieve collective prosperity if there is equitable economic sharing between ethnic groups.

Help native Sabahans too, activist tells Warisan government

Arthur Sen wants the government to give the same treatment it is giving squatters whose houses were burnt down last week to villagers whose homes were demolished by the Forestry Department last year.

Bandar Kuching MP says PH’s oil royalty deal way better than...

DAP's Dr Kelvin Yii says the Sarawak BN government signed away oil rights in 1974 and that whatever the new PH government is offering is better than that enjoyed during the rule of BN.

China’s environment ministry approves new plan to tackle rural pollution

China is in the fifth year of a "war on pollution" designed to reverse damage caused by decades of untrammelled economic growth.

Don’t impose restrictions on reaching out to rural people, says C4

C4 executive director Cynthia Gabriel says the previous government had clamped down on the NGO's activities.

Australia wants new migrants to settle in rural areas

New policy being developed by Turnbull government to ease the impact of rapid population growth on Melbourne, Sydney and other cities.

In US, obesity, smoking more common in rural areas: study

The study in the Journal of the American Medical Association relied on survey data about nearly 7,000 children and almost 11,000 adults in the United States.

Invest in poor rural areas to curb exclusion, quash extremism, UNDP...

The UNDP will now focus on development policies regarding rural areas to curb extremism.

Ex-MP: Malay tsunami yes, but PAS, BN had more Malay votes

Former Sungai Siput MP Michael Jeyakumar says data shows that rural Malays didn't quite trust the PH government.

In darkest Borneo, answers to why Najib will survive

It helps that votes in sparsely populated rural areas carry more clout than votes in cities, where popular disgust over corruption and the cost of living favour the opposition.

Politics and palm oil: A potent mixture at the polls

The EU's proposed ban on the import of palm oil from Malaysia is playing out in rural areas, with BN championing the livelihoods of smallholders and Felda settlers, says report.

WhatsApp a game changer in Pahang, says state PPBM chief

Pahang PPBM chief Wan Mohd Shahrir Abdul Jalil says campaigning is easier now as even the most remote areas in Pahang have access to WhatsApp.

Study: Lower income rural constituencies will be key in GE14

A research paper from Singapore’s Iseas-Yusof Ishak Institute shows constituencies that changed from BN to opposition are earning better and that BN’s handouts may help it in lower income areas.