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Lawyer: Evidence of doctors, witnesses key to what caused fireman Adib’s...

Depending on the outcome of the inquest starting Monday, the attorney-general will decide the next course of action or interested parties can challenge the coroner's verdict, says S N Nair.

Bekas peguam Anwar dilantik anggota lembaga penasihat DBKL

Pelantikan yang berkuatkuasa dari 1 Nov itu dibuat oleh menteri wilayah persekutuan di bawah Akta Ibu Kota Persekutuan 1960 dan dipersetujui oleh Yang d-Pertuan Agong.

Anwar’s ex-lawyer appointed DBKL advisory board member

S N Nair describes his appointment as a funny twist as he had several times taken DBKL to court.

Okay to spare PM’s aide despite being middleman in graft case,...

S N Nair responds to MCA leader who questioned PH's silence over the role of Dr Mahathir's aide Muhammad Zahid Arip in a graft case.

Lawyer wants inquiry into Anwar’s ‘unjust’ convictions

S N Nair says this is because the Yang di-Pertuan Agong has declared that the PKR leader is a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Lawyer: Najib taking his defence to public through media interviews

His willingness to go to the media shows he is attempting to absolve himself, say SN Nair.

Lawyers: Top two judges’ early departure won’t affect court rulings

Courts of Judicature Act allows for a minimum of two judges to deliver the judgments of a panel, say Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar Al Mahdzar and S N Nair.

Najib tarik balik saman berkait 1MDB menghairankan, kata peguam

Peguam S N Nair percaya bekas perdana menteri itu akan menyetujui penyelesaian bagi semua saman lain kerana kedudukan lawan beliau kini lebih kuat.

Lawyer: Najib’s retraction of 1MDB suits raises more questions

S N Nair feels the former prime minister will also settle all remaining actions because his opponents are on a stronger footing to prove their cases or successfully raise justification as a defence.

Nothing personal in C4’s stand on Guan Eng, says NGO

The anti-graft body’s executive director Cynthia Gabriel insists the finance minister should have been cleared of his corruption charges first before taking public office.

Berlaku adil bila tegur Guan Eng, peguam tegur C4

Lim tidak bersalah sehingga dibuktikan bersalah dan peguam negara perlu kaji semula tuduhan kerana Guan Eng mengatakan ia bermotif politik, kata SN Nair.

Stop picking on Guan Eng, lawyer tells C4

One is innocent until proven guilty and a new attorney-general should review Lim's graft charges as he maintains it is politically motivated by the previous Barisan Nasional government, says S N Nair.

File fresh review to quash sodomy conviction, says Anwar’s ex-lawyer

Maintaining that the evidence against Anwar Ibrahim was flawed, S N Nair says getting a court judgment to that effect would be better than getting a pardon.

Don’t be judge and jury, election officials told

After disqualification of opposition candidates, lawyers urge officials not to deny voters the choice of whom they want as MPs and assemblymen.

7 calon DAP, PKR bertanding hadapi pertuduhan jenayah

Hilang kelayakan wakil rakyat hanya akan berkuat kuasa selepas rayuan terakhir dan permohonan belas kasihan ditolak, kata peguam.

Lawyers: AG can appeal acquittal, inadequacy of sentence, but without bias

Two lawyers say in Bilqis Hijjas's case, the offence is not serious and the appeal can be seen as a witch hunt but another lawyer says one must remember that it involves the prime minister.

Bar: Don’t just blame lawyers, advocacy skills low among judges, DPPs...

The Malaysian Bar says all parties in the administration of justice, and not just lawyers, have a duty in maintaining standards.

Futile to charge anyone now over forex losses, says lawyer

Prosecutors will have an uphill task to prove their case as witnesses may not be around, or may not remember full details, as the fiasco occurred more than 25 years ago, says S N Nair.

Husni challenged to repeat sodomy allegation against Anwar outside Parliament

Saying the allegation by the Tambun MP that Anwar had sodomised his nephew is baseless, Anwar’s ex-lawyer SN Nair urges Husni to be ‘man enough’ to repeat it outside the Dewan Rakyat.

Lawyer: Zahid’s attack on Ambiga reflects poorly on him, amounts to...

S N Nair says the deputy prime minister's remarks are out of place as the matter is sub-judice because Clare's potential witness, Ambiga Sreenevasan, has yet to give evidence in court.

Lawyer: Raja Petra can be extradited to face charges here

British public prosecutor can accede to a Malaysian request as both nations have similar legal provisions to comply with extradition rules, says S N Nair.

Peguam: Kabinet berkuasa tentukan nasib syor RCI forex

S N Nair percaya laporan itu akan didedahkan kepada umum tetapi pada masa yang sama meragui penemuan RCI mencukupi untuk membina kes prima facie.

Not right for government to sue individuals, says lawyer

Lawyer S N Nair hopes the apex court will depart from the Court of Appeal majority ruling on grounds of public policy and give effect to a fundamental right.

Lawyer urges RCI to call Mahathir, Anwar to give evidence

The principle of natural justice must be extended to allow them to give their side of the story, says SN Nair.