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Tag: Sabah PKR

Be careful of ‘last samurai’ Salleh, Sabah PKR deputy chief warns

Mustapha Sakmud hopes the party leadership will be careful about approving those who once trivialised the reformasi struggle.

Stand by Anwar to resolve party crisis, says Sabah PKR chief

Christina Liew says the people are counting on PH and PKR to focus on economic growth, not 'internal bickering”.

Sabah PKR declares support for Azmin

State party chief Christina Liew says with today’s advanced technology, anyone can doctor videos such as the ones which went viral.

Sabah PKR leader peeved over opposition rep’s presence in his programme

Pensiangan PKR chief Raymond Ahuar questions a state minister's decision to involve Nabawan assemblyman Bobbey Suan in a programme organised by a Christian group.

PKR Sabah rayu Izzah jangan letak jawatan

Awang Husaini Shari berkata Izzah mendapat mandat jelas daripada ahli apabila meraih jumlah undi terbanyak pada pemilihan lalu.

PKR polls chief dismisses claims of interference

PKR election committee chairman Rashid Din says state election committee members are there to support the national committee members and not the other way around.

PKR batal e-undi di Keningau ketika Azmin mendahului di Sabah

Difahamkan PKR Keningau mengadakan pemilihan luar talian selepas dilanda kekecohan.

PKR cancels e-voting in Keningau, as Azmin takes lead in Sabah

It is understood that the Keningau division which saw a ruckus during voting process has conducted polling offline.

Sabah PKR voter says has to travel 220km to vote due...

Pensiangan PKR member claims names of about 300 voters in his division have ended up on lists in other divisions, without their knowledge.

Sabah PKR candidate has two MyKads?

The man is head of a new NGO to assist stateless people in Sabah.

Sabah PKR in no hurry to take in ex-BN members

Its vice-chairman, Kenny Chua, says party is carefully checking the applications and has yet to approve any of them.

Sabah PH chairman slams delay in flood mitigation projects

Christina Liew says Sabah government's promises to dredge rivers in flood-hit areas seem to be just lip service ahead of next general election.