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Non-Muslims no problem with our alliance with PAS, says Sabah Umno

Sabah Umno spokesman Raime Unggi says the coming together of PAS and Umno should not be seen as religious alliance.

Ex-Sabah minister wants pump boats banned after latest shootout

Jainab Ahmad Ayid says people in the east coast have complained about indiscriminate use of pump boats in the area.

Sabah Umno queries mushrooming of houses in Sepanggar

Is it because the Sepanggar MP has promised to make it a 'zero squatter' area, asks Sabah Umno deputy liaison chief Yakub Khan.

Sabah Umno happy with Zahid’s return, says Bung

The Umno president will officiate at several party divisional meetings in Sabah.

Why is Upko not named in MACC’s civil forfeiture, asks Sabah...

Sabah Umno says this shows the action is politically motivated.

Full autonomy for Sabah Umno soon, assures Tok Mat

Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan says Sabah Umno will eventually be a separate entity so that people can no longer call Umno a 'peninsula-based' party.

We saw it coming, says Sabah Umno on Bung Moktar graft...

Sabah Umno says it is the government's trend to use MACC against the opposition during elections.

Warisan clueless on how to rule, says Umno

The party's state information chief claims the economy and the people's welfare are neglected.

It’s not up to Warisan, says Mahathir on PPBM’s Sabah plan

The prime minister responds to Sabah CM Shafie Apdal's reminder that PPBM abide by an agreement not to enter Sabah

Sabah Umno granted partial autonomy

Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa says more powers would be granted soon.

Expect more graft charges against us after PH’s Camerons defeat, says...

The Umno secretary-general says the PH government is under 'sudden pressure' after its defeat in Cameron Highlands.

Not true that 5,000 members left to join Warisan, says Umno

Kinabatangan Umno information chief Titing Putang says those who did leave are simply uncomfortable with being in the opposition.

Sabah Umno to lodge report against Warisan MP for conflict of...

Sabah Umno spokesman Ghazalie Ansing says Kalabakan MP Ma’amun Sulaiman has openly admitted to appointing his brother to handle projects in his constituency.

Ex-Sabah Umno leaders on a quest for revenge through PPBM, says...

Warisan Youth exco says former leaders of Sabah Umno want to create discord between Warisan and Sabah Pakatan Harapan.

Concern over Umno-PAS ties behind exit of Sabah leaders, say analysts

They say Sabah Umno members are worried that the party will become more conservative in its approach as well.

Party-hopping: When principles are set aside for political expediency

Defections are either welcomed or slammed when it suits politicians.

PPBM the natural choice for Sabah Umno leaders, say analysts

They say PPBM shares similar traits with Umno, and has a strong presence at the federal level.

Anti-ICERD rally, the straw that broke the camel’s back in Sabah?

The recent exit of Sabah Umno leaders can be seen as a response to the anti-ICERD rally which saw Umno and PAS joining forces.

Who will hold govt accountable if everyone jumps ship, MCA asks...

MCA president Wee Ka Siong says 'rule number one' in any democracy is the need for a strong opposition.

Interesting times for Sabah with PPBM at the doorstep

The federal ruling party could pose a danger to Warisan's dominance in more ways than one.

Senator: Enact law to stop party-hopping

Lee Tian Sing says it is disappointing to see those elected abandoning the parties people had voted for.

Warisan open to accepting independent MPs, says Shafie

The party president says those keen on doing so must not set any conditions.

We did meet Dr M but not to jump ship, says...

In the wake of the exodus by Umno Sabah leaders yesterday, a viral picture of Umno stalwarts meeting the prime minister has raised speculation that a second wave is on the way.

Get out, Sabah Umno Youth tells Zahid

The wing's vice-chief also accuses the Umno president of using the party to shield himself from the criminal charges against him.