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Tag: Sabah

MA63 select committee to be set up, says law minister

Liew Vui Keong says the chairman of the parliamentary select committee will be invited to join the Cabinet's MA63 committee.

Catholic Church says Holy Week billboards didn’t get its blessings

Two billboards were torn down by unknown people in Pitas in the northern district of Sabah.

‘75% of Sabah PKR members will leave party’

Sabah PKR members want party president Anwar Ibrahim to interfere and put things right before unhappy members leave en masse to join other parties.

Kenapa cadang pulau pelarian sedangkan isu lain tidak selesai, soal Pemuda...

Cadangan mewujudkan pulau khas untuk pelarian akan menyaksikan Sabah membiayai pembinaan infrastruktur dan keperluan golongan terbabit.

Why propose refugee island with other issues unresolved, asks PBS Youth

PBS Youth chief Christopher Mandut says there are other pressing needs in the state, such as the cost of living and land for agriculture and housing.

Stateless problem top complaint to Suhakam in 2018

A total of 413 out of 1,180 complaints received were regarding the 'right to nationality'.

Former PPBM women’s chief rapped for questioning Easter billboard

Anina Saadudin posted a Facebook status questioning a billboard put up by the church promoting the Christian holy week in Bahasa Malaysia.

DUN Sabah lulus usul sokong RUU Perlembangaan

Usul itu bertujuan memastikan ahli Parlimen Sabah meneruskan rundingan dengan pihak berkenaan bagi melaksanakan pindaan itu di Parlimen secepat mungkin.

Sabah passes motion to endorse amending Federal Constitution

The urgent motion was to record the state’s support for the constitutional amendment bill which was shot down in the Dewan Rakyat recently.

Sabah minister tells activists to have open mind over coal power...

Deputy Chief Minister Madius Tangau says with improved technology, Sabahans should have another look at the coal option.

Sabah saves RM12 mil a month after cancelling RM3.7 bil water...

Infrastructure Development Minister Peter Anthony says currently, the government only pays RM3 million a month to manage and operate 58 water plants statewide.

Controversy over Sabah Tourism Board manager’s sudden removal

Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Christina Liew says the decision was not hers but made by the state tourism agency’s board of directors.

Sabah stops Aussie cattle imports

Sabah agriculture minister Junz Wong says despite hundreds of millions of ringgit spent over the years, beef production in the state remains less than 25%.

PCS cari titik persamaan dengan PPBM Sabah

PCS bersetuju untuk bekerjasama dengan PPBM Sabah ke arah pelaksanaan penuh hak Sabah di bawah MA63.

Use city land to build affordable homes, urges former Sabah minister

Masidi Manjun suggests the Sabah government carry out affordable housing projects on its own instead of going into joint ventures with the private sector.

PBS will support Shafie’s motion in assembly to restore Sabah’s status...

PBS vice-president Johnny Mositun says the party will put forward its views and suggestions as well.

Sabah pertimbang tempatkan pelarian di pulau, kata ketua menteri

Shafie Apdal berkata ia mungkin dilakukan sekiranya berlaku kemasukan dari negara jiran.

Sabah to consider placing refugees on border island, says CM

Shafie Apdal says this might be done in the case of an influx from neighbouring countries, although the refugees will not be sheltered on the mainland.

No more sightings of Sumatran rhino in Sabah, says minister

Sabah Environment Minister Christina Liew says studies have not found any footprints of the Sumatran rhinoceros or recorded any photos of them.

Bawa usul tuntut hak Sabah ke DUN, Jeffrey desak kerajaan negeri

Kesediaan kerajaan membawa usul menuntut hak Sabah dalam MA63 akan membuktikan keikhlasan dan kesungguhan mereka.