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Sabah Water fiasco shows disrespect of law, says state PKR

Rahimah Majid says the Sabah government's defiance of the law will send a message to investors that the state won't respect court decisions.

Flying Doctor will take to the air again, says Shafie

Many rural villagers still have difficulty seeking treatment at clinics and hospitals, says Sabah CM.

Court never ruled Amarjit’s appointment null and void, says Shafie

Shafie Apdal says the Water Department director is a contract officer and the state government will ensure everything is in order.

AirAsia to bring international flights to Sandakan, Tawau next year

AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes confident of drawing tourists from Asean countries, China, Korea and Japan.

Mavcom refused to act on klia2 immigration congestion issue, says AirAsia...

Tony Fernandes says Mavcom had demanded proof of congestion instead of making an on-site inspection.

Sabah artist up in arms over mural lookalike

Crig Francis says he was shocked to discover the strong resemblance between the mural at Padang Merdeka and a design he had earlier submitted to DBKK.

Liew crossed the line in Sabah Water Department case, says PBS

PBS vice-president Johnny Mositun says the minister should have spoken in his capacity as a member of the state ruling party if he wished to comment on the matter.

Don’t be Warisan’s lapdog, PBS tells ex-colleague over citizenship issue

PBS information chief Joniston Bangkuai says a true leader should not change his stand so easily.

‘Black water’ from taps makes PBS rep see red

Matunggong assemblywoman Julita Majungki says water to 50 villages in Kudat is getting murkier.

Sarawak party urges CM to maintain immigration control in state

PBK president Voon Lee Shan says foreigners can obtain the Mykad easily in Sabah and they can easily slip into Sarawak.

PBS has no proof of citizenship drive by Warisan, says defector

Abdul Rahman Kongkawan, now in Warisan, denies that the state government set fire to houses as a ruse to give papers to illegals.

Sabah MCA leader raps Liew for comment on Water Department case

Appeal against director's appointment still before the courts, the MCA Batu Sapi division chief tells de facto law minister.

586,000 illegals deported from Sabah since 1990

The Philippine embassy has also hastened the issuance of travel documents to illegal immigrants to facilitate deportation.

Yong questions Liew’s role in Sabah Water Department court case

The former chief minister says the Sabah ministers had no comments on the High Court decision that declared the appointment as illegal.

IVF bid fails, now hunt on for fresh rhino sperm

Effort to save Sumatran rhino in Sabah takes a hit after frozen sperm from dead rhino partner fails to do its magic.

State govt appeals against ruling on Sabah Water Department director

He says Section 3 (2) of Sabah's Water Supply Enactment 2003 might not apply to Amarjit Singh.

Sabah, Sarawak open to cooperation on regional airline

The state leaders say having such an airline would boost tourism and economic activity in Sabah and Sarawak.

Sabah, Sarawak to link up on oil and gas reserves

The two chief ministers say the two states can combine their strengths as they have common interests.

Murut groups squabble after chiefs sign declaration of support for Anwar

Rivals lodge police reports against each other in Sabah.

Explain formula for grants to Sabah, Sarawak say CMs

The chief ministers of both states say the federal government did not inform them how the figure was derived.

‘Tak perlu heboh’ geran khas RM32 juta, kata pemimpin Sarawak

Putrajaya tidak menunaikan janji untuk mengembalikan 50% cukai yang dikutip di Sarawak dan 20% royalti minyak.

Why be unhappy when Sarawak is getting more under PH than...

The finance minister says the PH government is giving priority to Sabah and Sarawak, with both states receiving high allocations for development.

Statistik tidak dedah jurang kekayaan Bumiputera, kata penganalisis

Statistik pemilikan ekuiti tidak menceritakan ketidakseimbangan yang wujud dalam komuniti Bumiputera.

Budget plugs holes instead of planning for future, says Sabah Umno...

It says budget contributes little towards making sure the people’s buying power increases.