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Tag: Sabin Samitah

Taxman to hunt down evaders after Sept 30

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says the voluntary disclosure programme is not likely to be extended, and Inland Revenue Board chief says 'big data' will be used to go after tax evaders.

Jangan bimbang, kami percaya, LHDN beritahu pembayar cukai pengakuan sukarela

CEO Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri berkata pembayar cukai perlu percaya pada sistem cukai dan menerima tawaran Program Khas Pengakuan Sukarela (PKPS).

We believe you, LHDN boss tells taxpayers taking up disclosure programme

Internal Revenue Board CEO says taxpayers need to put their trust in the tax system and take up the offer under the Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme.

LHDN eager to identify timber firms involved in illegal logging

Its head, Sabin Samitah, says the board is monitoring news reports closely to achieve its RM4.3 billion target for revenue collection from the state for 2018.

LHDN: RM2.6 bilion diterima Najib kini tertakluk pemeriksaan lanjut

Ia susulan pendedahan bos SPRM Shukri Abdull dan siasatan yang sedang dijalankan berhubung semua isu berkaitan 1MDB.

Malaysia tandatangan instrumen pelbagai hala, halang cukai disalahguna

Menurut ketua pegawai eksekutif LHDN, MLI dokumen yang mempunyai kesan penting terhadap rangkaian perjanjian cukai untuk negara.

We are no tax cheats, says private medical specialists’ body

It says many of the 3,000-odd doctors had resubmitted their tax returns following a new ruling by the Inland Revenue Board in September last year.

Customs, IRB sign SOP for joint audit programme

The programme is intended to allow the agencies to more effectively address issues of tax compliance.

LHDN nafi dedah maklumat serbuan syarikat anak Dr M

Sabin Samitah berkata LHDN terikat dengan undang-undang yang tidak membenarkan maklumat mengenai pembayar cukai yang disiasat didedahkan.

Professionals the next target for IRB audits

IRB CEO Sabin Samitah says professionals such as lawyers, architects, engineers and doctors will be targeted in the audit operation due in September or October.

IRB: We never revealed raids on companies of Mahathir’s sons

CEO Sabin Samitah says the IRB is bound by law not to disclose any information on taxpayers it is investigating.

Subra: Review income tax payment system for doctors

Health minister says LHDN and the Malaysian Medical Association must find the best solution to accusations of tax evasion.

DAP: New 100% tax penalty ‘oppressive’

Sarawak DAP says taxpayers who make 'honest mistakes' can still get clipped under new tax laws, which will come into effect Jan 1 next year.

IRB to finalise probe into 20 large firms by month-end

IRB CEO says 20 companies have been avoiding paying tax for up to two years involving a sum of RM1.4 billion in lost revenue.

Higher penalty for income tax dodgers next year

IRB will impose a 100% penalty on the tax of individuals and companies dodging payment or filing incorrect income tax returns beginning Jan 1, 2018.

Uber and Grab drivers liable to pay income tax

Inland Revenue Board says it can check on drivers’ earnings through lists provided by the companies and through banks.

LHDN: Pemandu Uber, Grab boleh dikenakan cukai…jika layak.

Pemandu Uber dan Grab yang mempunyai pendapatan RM30,000 setahun boleh dikenakan cukai