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Sabotage in the civil service?

Any sabotage against the new government is more likely due to incompetency and corruption than political differences.

Sarawak govt sabotaging Bantuan Sara Hidup assistance, says deputy minister

He claims some district offices in the state had refused to facilitate the programme provided by the federal government.

Cops confirm burst pipes in KK last year due to saboteurs

Kota Kinabalu police chief Habibi Majinji says police are looking for two men spotted travelling in a white Toyota Hilux in connection with the case.

Some civil servants still a problem, says Dr M

The prime minister says a small group of civil servants continues to try to sabotage government policies.

Uproar as deputy minister says BN MPs may sabotage reforms

Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker switches off microphones to calm the situation after Hanipa Maidin says BN MPs may sabotage move to lower the voting age.

How to arrest sabotage and cure civil service ills

Almost all civil servants have had an overly strong sense of deference for ministers, Umno leaders, and top civil servants - this needs to change.

Jho Low still at large thanks to government sabotage, says Dr...

The prime minister suspects information leaks have allowed the fugitive businessman to evade arrest so far.

Australian state offers US$70,000 reward as strawberries sabotaged with needles

The police have said that six brands of strawberries in Australia are believed to be contaminated with needles and pins.

Ali Hamsa lists down govt reforms in first 100 days

Top civil servant says govt has reduced 96 agencies in PM's Department to 48 and is carrying out English tests to improve command of language.

Report all acts of sabotage, civil servants told

Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa says he will address the matter personally.

Musk says Tesla hit with ‘extensive’ sabotage by employee

The worker, who had been denied a promotion, did “quite extensive and damaging sabotage” to Tesla’s operations, Musk wrote in the memo late Sunday, which was reported in full by CNBC.

Plane sabotaged? Cops may drop probe against Dr M under anti-fake...

IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun says police have accepted explanation given by prime minister on matter.

Zahid: Mahathir using old tricks to fool people

DPM says Mahathir being irresponsible by making baseless allegations and used similar tactics in the past to gain sympathy.

‘Fake news’ probe into Mahathir’s sabotage claim

KL police chief Mazlan Lajim says this is one of eight police reports made regarding the general election.

Prove your jet was sabotaged, Liow tells Dr M

The transport minister says the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) has not received any complaint from Dr Mahathir Mohamad that the private jet was sabotaged.

Sue Dr M over sabotage claim, Nazri tells aviation authority

He says Mahathir’s accusation is serious and should not be taken lightly as it jeopardised the image of the national aviation industry.

Be impartial towards campaign saboteurs, Zahid tells cops

The home minister says police must act against those who damage the campaign materials of their opponents, regardless of their political party.

Minister slams Mahathir for jet conspiracy theories

Hamzah Zainudin says commercial flights also suffer delays in the interest of safety if caused by technical problems.

No proof, but Dr M insists plane was tampered with

Pakatan chairman says 'it is possible' someone could have done it, but he does not have proof.

CAA chief: Air leak but no sabotage found on Mahathir jet

Civil aviation head says 'morally wrong' to make wild allegations about sabotage when it was a minor and routine fault.

Zahid tells police not to take sides on Dr M’s sabotage...

We must translate the meaning and process of democracy by safeguarding everyone's safety, says deputy prime minister.

What Mahathir fears may happen just before nomination day

The PH chairman says there are fears that the EC may prohibit PPBM leaders from using the PKR logo.

Zahid: Early announcement of candidates to prevent internal sabotage

The deputy BN chairman also says it will give the leadership time to 'appease' those who weren't selected.

Guan Eng accuses BN of sabotaging Penang infrastructure projects

The chief minister alleges federal agencies are changing the rules to cause delays while MACC is harassing government staff in its probe of the projects.