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Civil service unions hope for one-month bonus in 2020 Budget

Cuepacs chief Azih Muda says civil servants hope that Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng will have a 'special surprise' for them on Oct. 11.

3 detained after body found in security guards’ toilet

The victim died following an assault attributed to the failure to pay the security guards' salaries.

Protect Utusan employees, Dong Zong urges Putrajaya

The Chinese education group also urges Utusan Melayu Bhd to pay outstanding salaries and VSS compensation.

Nearly 100 picket at Utusan office over unpaid wages

They say the company has not paid them their wages for one and a half months now.

Our financial position now stable, says Bernama management

It undertakes to 'exercise prudence and abide by good governance, ethics and best practices in financial management in future'.

Lim orders probe on whether Bernama salaries used for other purposes

The finance minister says the government prioritises the payment of staff salaries and EPF contributions.

Utusan delaying salaries since January, union claims

NUJ says 769 workers have not been paid since early this year.

Salary guideline for GLC bosses by year end

PM's economic adviser says the guideline will incorporate international practices and standards to ensure a well balanced remuneration policy.

Settle salaries before shutting airlines down, union tells Mavcom

Nufam says in most cases, employers will get off scot-free, leaving employees in the lurch.

Mat Sabu to get explanation from Mujahid on Xinjiang ‘re-education camp’

The Amanah president wants to see whether his vice-president's comments were 'misreported'.

Raise salaries of lower-ranked police, says IGP

When they don’t get the just rewards, the tendency to commit crime is wide open, says national police chief.

Ban political ownership of news media, says MTUC

Unionist says ending political control would ensure that employees do not become 'political slaves'.

Wan Azizah: We’ll look into salaries of grads in govt service

Deputy PM says the federal government will take note of Bank Negara's report showing the falling value of starting salaries.

India’s cash-strapped Jet Airways to pay December salaries

Jet Airlines pilots were on strike after the airline company had defaulted on crew wages.

Ask bosses why graduates get less now, says Maszlee

Education Ministry to give its view 'at right time' on Bank Negara's finding that starting salaries are lower than in 2010.

Pay more or lose your best, Malaysian bosses warned

Hays Asia Salary Guide 2019 finds that 55% of Malaysian workers are successful in asking for increments, the highest number in Asia.

8 out of 10 employees expect yearly bonus, says recruitment firm

Randstad Malaysia says the majority of survey respondents agree that receiving a bonus is important to their engagement with the company.

Second-tier Spanish side Reus banned for three years

The club, which are currently 20th in Spain's 22-team second tier, have 15 days to appeal against the decision.

Keep 20% of salaries to stop foreign workers from fleeing, says...

The money will be kept in Socso and returned to them when they leave.

Reveal salaries of GLC directors, urges academic

This will pressure GLC directors to improve their performance.

Female FTSE 100 bosses earn US$4 million less than men

A Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and High Pay Centre study suggest men earn 100% more than their female counterparts on average.

US and Mexico target Nafta cars deal by end of week

The US, Canada and Mexico are pushing for an agreement this month to allow Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to sign the pact before Lopez Obrador takes office December 1.

Company didn’t fulfil contract to clean court complex, says minister

VK Liew says there is a fundamental breach of the contract and if need be, it must be terminated.

China issues new rules to stop movie stars evading tax

Actors' salaries are no longer allowed to exceed 40% of total production costs.