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Budget to focus on better jobs, better pay, says Guan Eng

Better pay can motivate Malaysian workers, says the finance minister.

For employees, it’s all about the money, study finds

A study by human resources solutions agency Randstad also shows that many young workers are looking for jobs that can provide them with upskilling opportunities.

Deutsche Bank CEO investing monthly pay in bet on shares

Deutsche Bank AG’s Christian Sewing, invested 15% of his monthly net salary in the lender’s shares, starting with a €22,144 (US$24,303) investment.

MP slams Putrajaya over salary delays for bus operators ferrying Orang...

The nation's first Orang Asli MP says this has resulted in operators suspending their services, and Orang Asli children dropping out of school.

Singapore PM’s wife defends his seven-figure pay on Facebook

The city-state has previously said that million-dollar ministerial earnings prevented corruption and helped attract and retain talent.

Labour dept warns employers against salary cuts without prior approval

The department says it is concerned with reports of misappropriation of employees' salaries without clear consent or reason.

Academic backs salary hike to tackle corruption among police

USM's P Sundramoorthy says frustration over low wages is compounded by the poor working environment.

Low-end salaries and upper level police corruption

Pay scales are no justification for our men in blue to compromise their pledge to uphold the laws of the country.

Do property agents earn a basic salary? The answer will surprise...

Being a real estate negotiator takes loads of courage because your livelihood depends on commissions alone as you don't earn a basic salary.

Salaries of fresh grads up by RM153, says report

Jobstore says the average salary for fresh grads with an honours degree is RM2,635, compared to RM2,482 last year.

PTPTN groping in the dark

It must first have the latest information on borrowers and defaulters to know how much deduction needs to be made.

Have merit quotas so women can rise up corporate ladder, says...

Noor Farida Ariffin says flexible working hours, childcare facilities and re-entry arrangements are key to increasing women’s participation in the workforce.

Respite for Sabah college workers after they finally get their pay

The group’s spokesperson hopes chief minister will step in to find a more permanent solution to their problems.

US lawmakers home for Christmas, govt workers unpaid on shutdown Day...

More than 400,000 federal employees are reporting to their jobs on Monday but won't get their salaries.

Women on track to earn the same as men – in...

Women with AI skills are more likely to be employed as data analysts and information managers, while men tend to land in more lucrative and senior positions such as engineering heads and chief executives.

Kula dismisses criticisms on wage deduction proposal

The human resources minister insists that it is a win-win situation for both employers and migrant workers.

Security company responsible for guards’ salaries, says health ministry

The health ministry says the company was paid for its services from June 1 last year until Nov 30 this year, with no outstanding payments or complaints from the security guards.

Sabah to pay players’ salary arrears before Xmas

The 5 months' salary arrears and other benefits amount to RM6 million.

Kanté turned down offshore payments from Chelsea

N'Golo Kanté made the decision to avoid the risk of being questioned by tax authorities.

Two-thirds of civil servants earn less than RM5,000

Civil service salary structure is based on a reasonable wage concept to cater to basic needs such as food, clothes, and housing, says minister.

Hundreds protest ‘paltry’ minimum wage hike outside Parliament

The crowd, joined by PSM activists as well as union leaders, is demanding a substantial increase to the current minimum wage of RM1,050.

Teong Kim won’t be sacked, football programme continues

Syed Saddiq says Teong Kim is still a legitimate director of the National Football Academy.

Syed Saddiq: Teong Kim earned RM175,000 a month

Following the failure of the B-16 squad to the U-17 World Cup, FAM has taken drastic action by ending Teong Kim's service as coach.

Minimum wage fixed at RM1,050 nationwide from next year

The Prime Minister's Department says the increase takes into account the country's economic situation.