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Sales tax on oil is part of MA63, says Sarawak legal...

JC Fong says the federal government should be willing to sacrifice RM3 billion from its revenue for the state’s sales tax.

Sarawak cannot impose sales tax on petroleum products, says expert

Constitutional law expert Shad Saleem Faruqi says the state can only impose sales tax on items in the state list of the Federal Constitution.

Japan’s Abe says a 10% sales tax is enough

Shinzo Abe is certain in his decision to not see the need to raise the nation's sales tax beyond 10% over the next ten years.

Japan lawmakers fret over looming sales tax hike in weak economy

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has backtracked twice from a pledge to raise the tax to 10% from 8%, and he could change his mind again.

Five million lost jobs in India between 2016 and 2018

Indian males were hit the hardest and many of which were educated young people. Narendra Modi's government introduction of the national sales tax had a major impact on unemployment.

Uber faces US$1.3 bil tax suit from lawyer who took on...

Jolyon Maugham says the ride-sharing service should pay Value Added Tax, a 20% UK sales tax on most goods and services.

Sarawakians to pay more for petroleum products with new tax, says...

Its state chairman Chong Chieng Jen says this is due to the 5% sales tax which will be imposed by the Sarawak government next year.

SST bills passed out of ‘respect’ for the people, says BN...

Khairul Azwan Harun says the senators did not want to disrupt the collection of revenue by the government.

Europeans press for digital tax at G20 meeting

The European Commission proposed rules earlier this year to make digital companies pay more tax, with US tech giants such as Alphabet's Google, Facebook and Amazon set to foot a large chunk of any bill.

Retailers have one fewer excuse as states can tax online sales

Good news is a welcome change for a sector that’s endured a brutal few years with surging bankruptcies, store closings and the liquidation of big-name chains like Sports Authority Inc. and Toys “R” Us Inc.

After two weeks of PH, some reason to doubt

Now that the general election is over, our new leaders must govern with rationality rather than emotion and impulse.

Sales tax to make comeback on June 1

It will replace the GST, which will be zero-rated next month.