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MACC seizes documents belonging to Maika Holdings, widens probe

Sources close to the probe reveal several people will be called in for questioning.

SPRM digesa siasat Samy Vellu atas pembelian tanah ‘diragui’

Bekas timbalan setiausaha agung PKR, Jenapala Perumal berkata ada laporan dibuat sebelum ini, tetapi tiada tindakan diambil terhadap bekas presiden MIC itu.

MACC urged to act against Samy Vellu over ‘suspicious’ land deal

Former PKR deputy secretary-general Jenapala Perumal says reports were made on the issue before but no action was taken.

Laporan: Jutaan wang Maika Holdings dibayar kepada anak Samy Vellu

Maika Holdings ditubuhkan pada 1983 sebagai syarikat pelaburan MIC dan berjaya mengumpulkan RM106 juta daripada kira-kira 66,400 anggota masyarakat India.

Millions from scandal-hit MIC firm paid to Samy Vellu’s son, says...

Reports lodged by a whistleblower who cited transactions from Maika Holdings to several companies linked to MIC secretary-general Vell Paari.

Samy Vellu receiving treatment at IJN

He was admitted after he vomited but doctors said it was not a heart attack as speculated in social media.

Umno: Last chance for MIC to redeem itself in Sungai Siput

Umno division leader says BN ready to give a chance to another component party if opposition wins Sungai Siput parliamentary seat again.

Samy’s son denies wanting to stand in dad’s former seat

He says he was only responding to a question on what he would do if offered the chance.

Now Ramasamy hits at MIC about Mahathir’s neglect

DAP man says former PM Mahathir Mohamad’s realisation that the problem of Indians needs to be addressed should be welcomed.

Subra: Mahathir himself failed the Indians

MIC president says Indian Malaysians were left with a legacy of unresolved problems from Mahathir's time that were tackled by Najib Razak after he became PM in 2009.

Eliminate MIC, Mahathir tells Indians

PH chairman says he realises now that a certain ‘big’ leader who represented Indians in Malaysia failed to carry out his duties for the community.

MIC raises RM139,000 for widow whose husband died in Dubai

MIC leader says party is helping woman to repatriate her late husband's remains from Dubai hospital and settle his medical bill.

Indians banking on Pakatan not to fail them

Dr Mahathir may have been party to earlier problems, but if he wants to improve Malaysia's administration, he needs to be part of the solution as well.

Dr M blames MIC’s former leader for failing Indian community

Former prime minister also defends his administration, saying he met many of MIC’s demands but party failed to 'use funds in proper way'.

Forum Hindraf bersama Dr M kecoh di sesi soal jawab

Penganjur campur tangan apabila peserta bertanyakan soalan yang tidak diserahkan sebelum majlis, mencetuskan aksi jerit-menjerit dan gangguan lisan.

Hindraf forum with Dr Mahathir cut short after commotion

Organisers intervene when participant asks question which had not been submitted prior to event, resulting in shouting match.

Ramasamy: MIC also to blame for Indians’ woes, not just Mahathir

The DAP leader says MIC president Dr S Subramaniam cannot hold Dr Mahathir Mohamad alone responsible for the 'marginalisation' of the Indian community.

Maika Holdings issue ‘finished’, says Samy Vellu

Former MIC president, who established Maika in 1982, says PKR Youth is only fishing for issues in its call for an RCI.

PSM wants pact with PH to avoid 3-cornered fights

Sungai Siput MP Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj says PSM is not insistent about joining Pakatan Harapan but wants an understanding to avoid splitting opposition votes.

Indian development: What did Samy Vellu do?

Writer says MIC national treasurer Vell Paari should also hold his own father responsible for not doing enough to uplift the Indian community.

Raus Sharif, Samy Vellu, Michael Chen receive ‘Tun’ title

Current chief justice and two former ministers were conferred the Seri Setia Mahkota (SSM) award in conjunction with the King's birthday today.

Kini, Tun Samy Vellu

Turut diberikan darjah tertinggi negara itu ialah ketua hakim negara dan bekas menteri dari MCA.

Ex-cabinet members ‘can’t remember’ if Scorpene subs were discussed

Rafidah Aziz says it was too long ago, while Rais Yatim points out that it is against the law to discuss such matters with the public.

B’desh awards USD2.5b coal-fired power project to M’sia

Coal for the project would be sourced from Indonesia and South Africa.