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Tag: San Francisco

Warriors prep new basketball stadium, fuelled by tech dollars

The Warriors did not receive any public financing for the project, which the team calls unprecedented in modern sports.

4 people injured in San Francisco-area shopping mall shooting

Police in the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno say they are on the scene of a shooting which left four people hospitalised.

San Francisco first major US city to ban e-cigarette sales

San Francisco becomes the first major US city to effectively ban the sale and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, as concerns grow over a sharp rise in vaping among youths.

San Francisco bans facial recognition use by police

Backers of the legislation says that using software and cameras to positively identify people is not ready for prime time.

San Francisco to impose tolls for iconic ‘Crooked Street’

The street attracts more than two million visitors a year, and the resulting congestion is proving to be too much for the residents.

Capcom Home Arcade is an arcade stick with 16 games built...

With a roster of retro classics spanning "Final Fight" and "Mega Man" to "Street Fighter II" and "Darkstalkers," the Capcom Home Arcade packs a combination punch through high-quality parts and a relatively high price tag.

New York beats out San Francisco to be world’s best tech...

New York ranks first in an index measuring 30 global tech-heavy cities analysed by real estate brokerage Savills Plc, with San Francisco in second place and London third.

Osaka cuts ties with San Francisco over ‘comfort women’ statue

Activists have in recent years set up dozens of statues in public venues around the world, many of them in South Korea, in honour of the victims.

Uber accused of saving $500 million a year by cheating drivers

The ride-sharing company avoids paying an average of US$9.07 an hour in expenses and benefits that it will incur if drivers are properly treated as employees.

Scientists are developing artificial booze to help save the planet

After lab-grown meat, the race is on to develop artificial wine and spirits.

Audi Unveils Electric PB18 e-tron Supercar During Monterey Week

The automaker showed the pure electric concept to journalists gathered today at Laguna Seca Racetrack in Monterey, Calif.

New study finds more chemicals than expected in pregnant women

New US research has found that the average pregnant women have 56 different suspect chemicals in their blood, which may be hazardous to themselves or their unborn child.

Sony announces 48MP smartphone image sensor, the industry’s highest

Sony’s new IMX586 image sensor achieves a whopping 48MP, which can provide smartphone cameras with higher-definition photographs.

Court blocks billionaire’s initiative to split California into 3

The potential harm in permitting it outweighs the potential harm in delaying it to a future election.

Apple turns green, claiming ‘100% clean energy’

The news follows a similar announcement from Google, which claimed in December it had attained a goal of 100% renewable energy.

US investigating fatal Tesla crash in California

A 38-year-old man had died after his 2017 Tesla Model X collided with a highway barrier near the town of Mountain View,

Study suggests high second-hand smoke exposure in disadvantaged adolescents

Over 90% of adolescents in a poor area of San Francisco who were tested for NNAL had dangerously high levels of the substance, which implies high second-hand exposure to tobacco smoke, in their bodies.

Land beneath Silicon Valley is sinking, study says

The sinking of the land below Silicon Valley, as well as other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, will make it more vulnerable to flooding.

Uber using self-driving trucks for long hauls in Arizona

The self-driving vehicles head to transfer hubs close to their destinations, where the trailers are hitched back onto human-steered rigs to complete their journeys.

San Francisco to wipe clean old marijuana convictions

The move will affect thousands whose marijuana convictions hurt their employment prospects and obtaining certain government benefits.

Bakar teman wanita, lelaki di San Francisco dipenjara 27 tahun

Lelaki itu menyerang teman wanitanya, Starr Lamare, selepas pertengkaran berkaitan pakaian di sebuah kedai dobi berbayar berhampiran rumah mereka.

San Francisco man gets 27 years for setting girlfriend on fire

The incident occurred after the two had argued over clothes.

Japan’s Osaka to snap sister city link with San Francisco over...

The mayor of Osaka has confirmed that his city's ties with San Francisco will be severed, following the acceptance of a controversial statue by the American city.

Qantas flight to San Francisco turns back after ‘technical issue’

Passengers were told that flight QF 73, which departed at 2.10 pm local time, had been turned back because the autopilot wasn’t working, a passenger told Australia’s ABC News.