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Tag: sanctions

Global watchdog gives Pakistan until February to curb terror financing

Country risks being blacklisted, which would result in sanctions.

As shipping costs soar, Asian buyers seek oil from nearby sources

Transport fees from Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East remain elevated.

More US sanctions on Turkey if no ceasefire, says Mnuchin

Focus on sanctions will have an impact.

US cautions China firms about untrackable ships moving Iranian oil

China largest buyer of Tehran’s main export since Trump reimposed sanctions.

US charges Turkey’s Halkbank with evading Iran sanctions

US AG says this is the most serious Iran sanctions violation he has seen.

Trump authorises sanctions and slaps steel tariffs on Turkey

US president will destroy Turkey’s economy if it continues with Syria offence.

Trump prepares to drop sanctions hammer on Turkey

Sanctions are being worked out at all levels of US government for rollout.

Turkey says Syria assault ‘won’t stop’ as US threatens sanctions

US Defence Secretary Mark Esper ‘strongly encouraged’ Turkey to halt its offensive.

US slaps new sanctions on Chinese entities over Iran oil

Move leaves Chinese foreign ministry, which claims cooperation with Iran is legitimate, unhappy.

Merkel: Iran’s demands on US sanctions ‘unrealistic’

She also dismissed Iran's demands for US to lift all sanctions.

Indonesia not tough enough on forest burners, says Greenpeace

3.4 mil hectares burned from 2015 to 2018, environmental action group reveals.

Rouhani heads to UN to drum up support for Iran

Hassan Rouhani says it is essential for Iran to take part in the UN General Assembly.

Iran says new US sanctions target access to food, medicine

Iran says repeated attempts at sanctioning the same institution is a sign of desperation from the US.

Turkey official confident US won’t impose sanctions over Russian missile buy

The senior Turkish official says the US can empathise with why Ankara needs the Russian missile defence system.

Sweeping US sanctions on Iran target leaders, oil and trade

The sanctions not only target Iran but US allies in Europe and elsewhere that do business with them.

Trump orders more Iran curbs after Saudi oil attacks

While US increases sanctions, Iran has denied its involvement in the attacks.

US Treasury is nothing more than a jail warden, says Iran’s...

Javad Zarif says the only way to free Iran from US sanctions is to ‘free yourself from the hangman’s noose’.

Sanctions by superpowers hurt small countries, says Mahathir

He says it takes away a country's freedom to trade with its trading partners.

US hit firms, individuals helping N.Korea evade sanctions

The sanctions target a shipping network that the Treasury Department says engaged in ship-to-ship oil transfers with North Korea.

Iran is prepared to work on French nuclear deal proposals, says...

Macron offers to soften sanctions on Iran or provide 'a compensation mechanism to enable the Iranian people to live better' in return for full compliance with the pact.

China-owned oil tanker changes name to evade US sanctions

Malaysia's Marine Department says the Latin Venture entered Port Dickson on June 29 for a crew change and departed on July 18 without any cargo being discharged.

US formalises ban on govt contracts to Huawei

The new rules approved by Congress last year limit any US federal agency from telecom and technology equipment purchases from Chinese firms.

UN urges sanctions on Myanmar army businesses

The UN investigatory panel condemned the violence in a report last year that called for the economic isolation of the military.

New US sanctions won’t hurt Russian financial system

Russia’s finance minister resilient enough to resist external pressure.