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Vital for in-depth study on impact of reclamation

Reclamation and offshore sand mining have affected both the livelihood and health of coastal fishermen.

State-owned sand mining firm acknowledges diesel spill at Sungai Selangor

SPAN chairman Charles Santiago says a police report has been lodged on the matter.

What the ‘Bantah Tambak’ protest is really about

It's not a demand for compensation or a stand against development, but a call to protect the rights of fishermen and to safeguard the environment.

Hundreds protest outside Parliament against Penang reclamation project

They say the reclamation project and the sand mining activities in Perak will affect the environment as well as the livelihood of fishermen in the states.

Sand mining, a by-product of Penang reclamation project?

Sand mining, should it occur, will take a huge toll on both the people and the environment.

As sand mining grows, Asia’s deltas are sinking, water experts warn

Combined with losses of soil-holding mangroves and accelerating groundwater extraction, which can lead to land sinking, the mining is increasing climate-related threats for those living in low-lying coastal areas.

Sand mining on farmland: DAP man threatens to sue The Star

DAP's Sungkai assemblyman A Sivanesan says he did not give orders for clearing and sand mining work to start on farm land in Bidor.

Ramasamy: Why take sand when clearing silt for flood mitigation?

Penang DCM claims environment and natural resources ministry is hiding commercial intent of dredging the rivers to export sand to India.

Minister’s attack on reclamation project to win votes, says Ramasamy

The DAP leader says Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar is championing fishermen and criticising the reclamation in Penang but has remained silent on projects in other states that affect fishermen and the environment.

Sand exports to India: What about Malaysia’s environment?

If states in India wish to import sand to protect their own riverbeds, what about the environmental impact on Malaysia?

Azmin: Sand mining operations are transparent in Selangor

Selangor MB maintains arrest of his nephew by MACC is politically-motivated and says revenue from sand mining has shown increase in state.

No political sabotage in probe on Azmin’s nephew, says MACC

MACC chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad says action taken in investigating graft allegations linked to sand mining activities in Selangor was done professionally and without undue interference.

Jamal threatens to expose wealth of another PKR divisional youth leader

The Red Shirts leader claims unnamed leader keeps his money overseas to be channelled to Malaysia for upcoming 14th general election.

Tamil Nadu court okays import of sand from Malaysia

The court says Tamil Nadu does not have provisions to deal with sand imported from foreign countries, and orders the state government to ensure ecological balance.

Indian state upbeat on importing Malaysian sand

The Indian state’s law minister says a company had participated in the bidding process to supply sand because it has legal permission to export sand from Malaysia.

2 Indian states to import sand from Malaysia

Malaysian firms are in talks with the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka state governments to export river sand to help meet the shortage of sand in those states.

Adam Rosly’s remand extended 4 days

This is to assist in investigations on the PKR Youth leader’s alleged “unusual” wealth.

Now, go after all wealthy politicians, says Zuraida

Ampang MP questions MACC’s move to keep her PKR colleague Adam Rosly in custody over investigation into his wealth.

Kelantan admits leakage in sand mining dockets

State government expects revenue from sand mining to go up from RM600,000 in 2015 to RM4.8 million this year with stricter enforcement.

Datuk to be charged over illegal sand mining

The ex-director of a government agency is one of two nabbed in a high profile MACC probe.

‘Curb river pollution in Kg Lalang’

River pollution is affecting about 300 villagers in Kampung Lalang, Kuala, Lipis, and the Pahang government has been urged to act to curb the problem.

Archived: Kedah sand mining affecting environment, warns CAP

CAP's study reveals that sand mining activities in eight districts in Kedah caused massive environmental problems.

Archived: ‘Stop sand-mining immediately for our sake’

NGO urges the authorities to stop sand mining immediately as it is causing irreversible damage to the environment, affecting lives and livelihood.

Archived: Shahrizat’s case closed, Azmin’s case re-opened

The MACC review panel clears the minister of any wrongdoing in the NFC scandal, and at the same time, recommends that the PKR deputy president's case be re-investigated.