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Tag: Sandakan by-election

Najib likely did PBS more harm than good in Sandakan, says...

He was in Sandakan to gain political mileage for himself, says Tony Paridi Bagang of UiTM.

Bersih records 19 offences in Sandakan by-election

Eleven of these were committed by Pakatan Harapan and its ally Warisan.

Sandakan win shows PH still has people’s support, says Wan Azizah

The deputy PM says this disproved PH's critics who said the coalition was losing support.

DAP wins bigger majority in Sandakan

DAP candidate garners more than 10,000 votes, compared to about 2,500 votes for closest challenger, PBS candidate Linda Tsen.

Only 47% cast votes in Sandakan with 2 hours to go

Sabah police chief Omar Mammah says police have received 12 reports of alleged irregularities in the by-election.

DAP just talk, no action, says PBS president

Maximus Ongkili says DAP cannot be trusted to champion Sabah and Sarawak rights.

Najib breaks into song during walkabout at Sandakan bazaar

The former prime minister says his presence in Sandakan is to show to the people that he still cares about them.

Bersih raps Warisan over use of govt assets on campaign trail

It refers to a video since taken down from Instagram showing a campaign team from Warisan heading for Pulau Berhala on police boats operated by police personnel.

Last chance to keep pledge to reduce fuel prices, SAPP tells...

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee says Sabahans are disappointed that the federal government has not kept its pledges regarding oil royalties and reduction in fuel prices.

We’ve never stopped anyone from coming to Sabah, says Shafie

Shafie Apdal says he's not worried about Najib Razak's upcoming visit to Sandakan, saying it could actually help DAP win.

Full autonomy for Sabah Umno soon, assures Tok Mat

Umno acting president Mohamad Hasan says Sabah Umno will eventually be a separate entity so that people can no longer call Umno a 'peninsula-based' party.

Special council to return Sandakan to its old glory if DAP...

The DAP adviser says Sandakan has lagged far behind Kota Kinabalu.

Gobind welcomes all candidates to use govt TV ahead of Sandakan...

The communications minister says all political parties including from the opposition should be able to share their plans and vision for Sandakan.

Guan Eng may have done a Najib in Sandakan speech, says...

The election reforms group urges the finance minister to explain remarks that he could include a car park project in the next budget.

Government not a magician, Guan Eng says on restoring economy

The finance minister says at least three years is needed to restore the economy and bring it back on track.

We saw it coming, says Sabah Umno on Bung Moktar graft...

Sabah Umno says it is the government's trend to use MACC against the opposition during elections.

Amanah supports only DAP candidate, Khalid says ahead of Sandakan polls

The Amanah communications director rubbishes any claims by 'former Amanah members' who claim to have the backing of party president Mohamad Sabu.

Vivian Wong’s youthful dynamism will help uplift Sandakan, says Kit Siang

The DAP veteran says Wong cannot be called inexperienced as she had worked with her late father to help Sandakan constituents.

Amanah ‘supporters’ were old friends, says Sandakan indie candidate

Former Sabah Amanah chief Hamzah Abdullah denies trying to confuse voters, saying that they helped him voluntarily.

Who says DAP can’t fight for Sabah’s rights, asks Vivian

Vivian Wong responds to comments by opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan that the Sandakan seat should belong to a local party that can safeguard Sabah's rights.

No need to shout about deeds for the departed

Politicians should do such work throughout the year, not just during election or by-election periods.

Reclaim Sandakan for local party, Jeffrey says ahead of by-election

The opposition leader says parties from the peninsula cannot be relied on to safeguard the interests of Sabahans.

I know what Sandakan people need, says PBS candidate

Linda Tsen says she is a local and has the experience to serve her constituents well.

Shafie dismisses charges DAP’s Sandakan candidate inexperienced

Warisan president says Vivian Wong is mature for her age and is very capable, having closely followed her late MP father around.