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Tag: Sandakan Municipal Council

Viral video doesn’t tell full story, says Sandakan council president

Peter Hii explains why he lost his temper with a Sabah Electric officer.

Sabah Umno Youth slams Sandakan council president over ‘thug-like’ action

A video capturing Sandakan Municipal Council president Peter Hii waving money in the face of a power utility staff has gone viral on social media.

Don’t shoot me just yet, says ‘non-Sabahan’ Sandakan council chief

Peter Hii says he is prepared to be placed 'in a shooting range' if he fails to restore Sandakan's glory.

Shafie hits back, saying no one made noise when BN appointed...

Chief Minister Shafie Apdal questioned why critics of his government failed to voice displeasure when the BN government previously appointed non-Sabahans as top government officials.

Wrong to appoint unqualified outsider to head council, says Kitingan

Opposition leader Jeffrey Kitingan says it is ludicrous that 'timber man' is suddenly charged with running municipal council of second-most important city in Sabah.

Sabahans upset over Sarawakian as Sandakan council president

Politicians say it is an insult to Sabahans that the chief minster has appointed an outsider and describe it as an example of cronyism under the new state government.