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Sabah DAP chief explains why Vivian Wong is not council chief

Frankie Poon counters opposition criticism and says Sandakan council matters were settled before Kit Siang's promise.

6 including Haziq remanded in gay sex video probe

They are being investigated under the Communications and Multimedia Act for the distribution of pornographic material.

Video seks sejenis ‘Sandakan’ terjah laman porno

Video berkenaan diletakkan dalam kategori amatur dan fetis.

Saya akan terus berkhidmat kerana terima sokongan ramai, kata Azmin

Pihak berkuasa sedang menyiasat isu penyebaran klip video seks sejenis yang dikatakan melibatkan Azmin.

Haziq dijangka dibebaskan hari ini, kata peguam

Polis perlu mendapatkan perintah tahanan reman daripada seorang majistret sekiranya siasatan hendak disambung melepasi tempoh 24 jam.

Cops can start probing confession of aide in sex video, says...

But Lim Wei Jiet says oral sex laws are outdated and should be amended.

Why is special Sandakan council not headed by new MP, asks...

Sabah Progressive Party reminds DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang of his by-election announcement that Vivian Wong will head the council if she won by a big margin.

Loud cheers greet ex-CM in first Sandakan appearance since GE14

The former Sabah chief minister is scheduled to host a breaking-of-fast event at his residence today.

Result would have been same even if voter turnout was higher,...

Role of media in regularly highlighting scandals of previous BN government and former PM Najib Razak also swayed people to vote for DAP, says another analyst.

Probe vigorously claims of vote buying in Sandakan by-election, PBS urges...

PBS information chief Joniston Bangkuai says vote buying was a mockery to democracy and called on those with evidence to furnish police with information to assist in the investigations.

I was in Sandakan for only half a day, Najib tells...

The ex-PM says in comparison, the DAP supremo campaigned daily in Cameron Highlands and Semenyih, yet PH lost.

DAP victory a knockout blow to Najib, says Kit Siang

Vivian Wong chalks up huge 11,000 vote margin against Linda Tsen of PBS, on lower voter turnout.

Show some remorse, RSN Rayer tells Najib

He says Najib should stop going around calling himself 'Bossku' despite facing many charges.

Najib mendendangkan lagu ketika dikerumuni warga Sandakan

Bekas perdana menteri berkata kehadirannya untuk menunjukkan kepada rakyat bahawa dia masih mengambil berat tentang mereka.

Fake FB accounts pitting opposition leaders against one another, warns PBS

PBS vice-president Johnny Mositun says this is a 'desperate act from a desperate party'.

I’m a Muslim and I don’t bet, Tok Mat responds to...

Lim Kit Siang had asked Tok Mat to bet on Mahathir keeping to his succession plan and handing over power to Anwar.

DAP making more promises despite not fulfilling previous pledges, says PBS

PBS president Maximus Ongkili laughs off DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang’s grand plan to set up a special council to restore Sandakan’s glory.

DAP blasts Umno veep over photoshopped ‘toxic’ social media posting

DAP claims Khaled Nordin is trying to stoke racial and religious tensions through a social media post today ahead of the Sandakan by-election.

Umno Sabah bakal diberi autonomi penuh, kata Tok Mat

Ia adalah sebahagian agenda Umno untuk memperkuat dan memperbaharui parti itu selepas pilihan raya umum tahun lalu.

Majlis khas pulih Sandakan jika DAP menang, kata Kit Siang

Lim berkata majlis khas itu akan diketuai oleh Vivian Wong jika calon DAP itu berjaya menang dengan majoriti besar Sabtu ini.

Ask Najib about 1MDB money when he comes, DAP man tells...

Nga Kor Ming calls on voters to send a strong message that they want a clean government and to support the government’s move to recover 1MDB money.

Bung still a favourite with Sandakan folk despite graft charges

BN MP Bung Moktar Radin says Sandakan voters should return the seat to a local-based party by electing PBS candidate Linda Tsen.

Reduce DAP’s majority to remind them of election pledges, says Yong

The former Sabah chief minister says a good showing by the opposition in Sandakan will be a wake-up call to the government.

Independents grab spotlight at Sandakan forum with DAP and PBS absent

A speaker from the floor draws laughter at public forum by suggesting that only one independent should contest, not three, to save their deposit money.