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Tag: Sangeet Kaur Deo

No-go for lawyer’s bid to intervene in CJ’s suit on affidavit

Judge says the Bar Council, which is the correct body to participate in the proceedings, is already holding a watching brief.

Peguam Negara mahu halang peguam mencelah dalam saman terhadap ketua hakim...

Hakim Hamid Sultan Abu Backer mendakwa hakim kanan campur tangan dalam keputusan melibatkan beberapa kes, termasuk kes hasutan bekas pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh.

AGC seeks to stop Dr M’s lawyer from intervening in suit...

Haniff Khatri Abdulla says an alternative remedy is for him to be given the right to submit as a friend of the court.

Perbicaraan kes saman RM100 juta keluarga Altantuya ditangguh ke 11 Jun...

Keluarga Altantuya memfailkan saman RM100 juta dengan menamakan Azilah Hadri, Sirul Azhar Umar, Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda serta kerajaan Malaysia sebagai defendan.

Court sets April 17 to decide who will represent judge in...

Lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla says the first option is to get the Malaysian Bar to act as intervener.

Women who speak truth to power

Instead of criticising Nurul Izzah based on feudal obeisance to authority, let her be an example, especially to the opportunistic men who have lost their principles and integrity.

CJ in bid to remove parts of affidavit in judicial interference...

The AGC, representing the chief justice, is seeking to remove parts of Hamid Sultan Abu Backer's affidavit claiming judicial interference.

Lawyer mulls withdrawing suit against CJ after agreement to RCI

Sangeet Kaur Deo says she is considering her position but that her suit will not affect the establishment of an RCI.

Take a stand on judicial interference, lawyer tells Bar, Putrajaya

Sangeet Kaur says the Pakatan Harapan government must also address the crisis as the 'honour of the Malaysian judiciary is at stake'.

Judge’s explosive affidavit on judicial misconduct goes viral

Court of Appeal judge Hamid Sultan Abu Backer’s affidavit in support of lawyer Sangeet Kaur Deo in her legal action against the chief justice is unprecedented, says lawyer.

CJ to file affidavit-in-reply to suit by Karpal’s daughter on judicial...

Lawyer Sangeet Kaur Deo is alleging that the chief justice failed to protect judiciary's integrity in at least two cases.

Karpal’s daughter lodges police report on alleged judicial interference

Sangeet Kaur Deo says lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla's claim that a senior judge had meddled in her father's sedition appeal is a serious matter.

Karpal’s daughter, Sangeet to stand in Puchong?

She is said to be the preferred candidate to take over from her brother Gobind Singh, because party wants more women representatives in the Dewan Rakyat.

DAP to critics: Can’t you count?

Party sec-gen Lim Guan Eng hits back at BN over its inconsistent criticism on PH’s seat allocation, which sees DAP getting 35 parliamentary seats in Peninsular Malaysia.

When bullying leads to suicide

A psychologist says those subjected to prolonged bullying can lose their self esteem and end up feeling lonely.

Anak Karpal Singh gesa DAP waspada dengan sekutu baharu

Sangeet Kaur Deo mengingatkan parti bagaimana bekas perdana menteri itu pernah menggunakan ISA demi kepentingan politik terhadap musuhnya.

Karpal’s daughter calls for DAP to be cautious of new allies

Sangeet Kaur Deo reminds party of how former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad made excessive use of the now-abolished ISA.