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Santiago, Bersih rap decision to retain Kiandee as PAC chairman

DAP's Klang MP says the latest flip-flop gives credence to the belief that Pakatan Harapan is not committed to its election manifesto.

Chile archbishop remains silent over abuse cover-up claims

Santiago Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati declined to answer questions about accusations he was involved in a cover-up.

Push for reforms finally bearing fruit, says Lee Lam Thye

The activist says he has been advocating the Ombudsman and IPCMC all this while.

‘Malays still a focus with class-based aid’

Malays will automatically benefit from needs-based affirmative action, but an economist says there is still a need to specifically address Malay poverty.

Chile, Peru to host South American club finals in 2019

The finals of the Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana will be held in Santiago and Lima respectively.

Chilean archbishop says to forgo Te Deum amid church sex abuse...

Chilean prosecutors in late July named Ezzati as a suspect in an investigation into claims that he and other clergy covered up child sexual abuse by members of the Catholic Church.

Gustavo Dudamel to lead youth concerts in Chile

The concerts will be held in honour of Dudamel's late mentor José Antonio Abreu.

10,000 march in Chile against Pinochet-era pensions

A mass protest against privatised pensions instituted by Augusto Pinochet was held in Santiago.

Chile’s students launch first protest under Piñera administration

The protest was targeted at profit-making in higher education.

Chile’s Tiltil faces major garbage problem

Most of the garbage produced in Santiago, Chile, is taken to the town of Tiltil, much to the dismay of many Tiltil residents.

DAP MP: Why is Putrajaya unwilling to finance takeover of Splash...

He says Putrajaya is only willing to pay 60% of cost and says if Selangor pays remaining 40%, it will burden people.

How can speaker reject debate on child poverty, asks Santiago

The MP says Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia explained that various government agencies are already studying Unicef's report on the matter.

Seat dispute: Put egos aside, get your act together, says Santiago

He says PH needs to project politics of respect to secure support of people and not engage in politics of mudslinging.

Santiago: Charge cops in Balamurugan case for murder

MP proposes that Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission appoint special prosecutor to start legal proceedings.

Pope’s S. American visit to cast light on region’s indigenous

Pope Francis' visit to Chile will involve highlighting the suffering of the Mapuche people.

Why isn’t cancer medicine cheaper too, asks Santiago

Klang MP questions health ministry for not using 'rights of govt' that helped reduce Hepatitis C treatment for most prevalent cancers affecting Malaysians

I thought I was going to die, says Malaysian ambassador

Malaysia's envoy to Chile says he was hit by baton, kicked and almost stabbed during robbery at his home in Las Condes, Santiago.

M’sian ambassador to Chile, family robbed in Santiago

Robbers take RM250,000 in jewellery, cash after threatening to cut off ambassador's wife and kill his children, says report.

Pelan tindakan bagi kaum India gagal, kata 2 wakil rakyat

Charles Santiago dan Dr Xavier Jayakumar berkata Pelan Tindakan Bagi Kaum India tidak menangani isu sebenar yang dihadapi golongan miskin tegar.

MP: Asean’s failure to help Rohingya ‘deeply disappointing’

DAP lawmaker Charles Santiago laments that Asean foreign ministers caved in to Aung San Suu Kyi’s sweet talk.

Police arrest Maria Chin after Bersih raid

This comes after police warnings of action against organisers of Saturday's rallies.

Santiago gesa Putrajaya tangani masalah bekalan makanan

Santiago bagaimanapun akui masalah kekurangan makanan bukan terhad pada waktu perayaan dan kesannya bukan hanya terhad kepada masyarakat tertentu sahaja.