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Sabah DAP chief explains why Vivian Wong is not council chief

Frankie Poon counters opposition criticism and says Sandakan council matters were settled before Kit Siang's promise.

Explain how new Sabah seats work, says SAPP chief

Yong Teck Lee says the new seat boundaries come into effect only after the State Assembly is dissolved.

Jangan rahsia lokasi empangan baru, SAPP beritahu kerajaan Sabah

Taman Sabah bertanggungjawab ke atas taman negara di Banjaran Crocker yang meliputi daerah Penampang dan Papar.

Don’t hide location of new dam, SAPP tells Sabah govt

SAPP is concerned that the government made crucial decisions at the Cabinet level without consulting the relevant departments and ministries.

Why is special Sandakan council not headed by new MP, asks...

Sabah Progressive Party reminds DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang of his by-election announcement that Vivian Wong will head the council if she won by a big margin.

Make Vivian a minister so you can fulfil your promises, Yong...

Yong Teck Lee contends that freshly-elected Sandakan MP Vivian Wong doesn’t have the clout to lead DAP's special council of federal and state ministers to revive the Sandakan economy if she remains a backbencher MP.

Ask Sabah people if they want coal plant, Yong tells Tangau

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee challenges Deputy Chief Minister Madius Tangau to reveal the individuals who had proposed the coal-fired power plant in Sandakan.

Reduce DAP’s majority to remind them of election pledges, says Yong

The former Sabah chief minister says a good showing by the opposition in Sandakan will be a wake-up call to the government.

Raymond Tan’s entry shows Shafie cabinet is weak, says SAPP chief

Yong Teck Lee says the only surprising thing about Raymond Tan’s joining Warisan was the long time he took to make the jump.

SAPP: Sabah mesti mohon maaf kepada rakyat kerana masalah air

Ahli Majlis Tertinggi SAPP, John Stephen Dionysius berkata kerajaan tidak boleh lagi menggunakan alasan cuaca kerana sekarang hujan hampir setiap hari.

Ex-Sabah CM now wants IGC to replace cabinet committee on MA63

Yong Teck Lee says formation of this inter-governmental committee will allow the governments of Sabah and Sarawak to speak up without fear or favour.

Is this end of MA63 talks, asks ex-Sabah CM after bill...

Yong Teck Lee says government must set up parliamentary select committee, as demanded by MPs.

Ex-CM challenges appointment of Sabah Water Dept director

Yong Teck Lee and Tawau businessman Pang Thou Chung file a suit claiming the appointment of Amarjit Singh is unlawful.

Improve roads in Sabah as you promised, opposition tells Warisan

SAPP information chief Chin Vui Kai says Warisan and PH promised to improve the condition of the roads in the state but 10 months after the general election he has yet to see any improvement.

Another Sabah opposition bloc seeking registration

Gabungan Sabah will fight for the rights of the state under MA63, asserts SAPP deputy president Richard Yong.

Higher diesel price bad for Sabahans, says SAPP

SAPP deputy president Richard Yong urges PH government to stabilise diesel prices to help boost sluggish economy.

Stop the rhetoric and focus on real issues, SAPP tells Sabah...

SAPP asks Sabah government how it will handle major issues such as the Malaysia Agreement 1963 if it cannot even solve simple pothole problems in Kota Kinabalu.

SAPP: Will Sabah, Sarawak regain MA63 rights if PH gets two-thirds...

SAPP vice-president Gee Tien Siong says the Sabah government should express its stand on getting back its rights as an equal partner in Malaysia under MA63.

It’s fine for Gabungan Sabah to work with other coalitions, says...

The Sabah Progressive Party president says there is no reason not to work with other political coalitions which share the common objective for the state.

SAPP open to working with new Sabah coalition GBS

But another party, Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah, wonders what more GBS can do for Sabah rights.

Present Sabah govt is way over its head, says former CM

SAPP president Yong Teck Lee says claiming ignorance appears to be favourite excuse of current administration.

Peninsular parties must ‘close shop’ in Sabah, says SAPP

Its president Yong Teck Lee says this will have to be done if Sabah and Sarawak are given equal status.

Warisan will pursue 40% special grant, says party leader

Parti Warisan Sabah treasurer-general Terrence Siambun gives assurance that party remains committed to its objective of restoring Sabah rights.

Opposition leaders join rally against legalising workers in Sabah

The rally, called “Black Sunday 10”, is held to protest the proposal by the government to provide documentation for illegal workers in the state.