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Tag: satellites

SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy rocket from Florida, its ‘most difficult’ ever

Falcon Heavy is carrying 24 satellites for the space agency, Department of Defense research labs and other partners.

SpaceX launches first satellites for Musk’s Starlink internet service

'We think this is a key stepping stone on the way towards establishing a self-sustaining city on Mars and a base on the moon,' says Musk,

New space race to bring satellite internet to the world

Satellites in orbit will be able to provide high-speed internet across the globe.

SpaceX launches final 10 satellites for Iridium

The effort aims to cut the costs of spaceflight and make expensive rocket parts more reusable, like aeroplanes.

Rocket launch in New Zealand brings quick, cheap space access

Rocket Lab represents a dramatic shift in the launch industry toward smaller, cheaper rockets that fly almost every day.

Britain is building its own spaceport in Northern Scotland

The UK is a “geographically strategic location for launch” with its northern latitudes, and well-placed to reach polar and near-polar orbits, the UK Space Agency said.

Ariane 5 satellites in orbit but not in right location

Mission control briefly lost contact with the satellites after a malfunction.

Ariane 5 rocket puts European GPS satellites into orbit

The satellites are part of the Galileo navigation project.