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Cancellation of Nicki Minaj’s Saudi concert stirs online anger

Fans are demanding ticket refunds after the headliner cancelled her appearance.

Wasn’t court told RM304 mil came directly from Saudi finance ministry,...

The former prime minister responds to efforts to have Umno dissolved for supposedly receiving 1MDB money.

Pompeo asks Pakistan to do more on religious freedom

Blasphemy is an incendiary issue in Muslim-majority Pakistan, where mere allegations of insulting Islam have sparked lynchings.

Britain suspends new Saudi arms licences linked to Yemen

A British court orders the government to “reconsider” the sales because of their humanitarian impact.

US House also seeks to block Trump arms sales to Saudi...

The lower chamber's pushback against the White House comes a week after US senators across the political spectrum also moved to prevent the US$8.1 billion sale.

Sister of Saudi crown prince faces Paris trial

The assault happened in 2016 when the princess allegedly ordered her bodyguard to assault a worker hired to refurbish her apartment.

World’s most costly painting on Saudi prince’s yacht

London-based art dealer Kenny Schachter says the painting now resides on Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman’s yacht.

Saudi Arabia deposits US$250 mln in Sudan’s central bank

Sudan plays a key role in the regional interests of Saudi Arabia and its allies, siding with Riyadh against Shiite Iran and providing troops in the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen's war.

UAE seeks Gulf ‘de-escalation’ after ship attacks

The UAE minister of state for foreign affairs says they are very committed to de-escalation, peace and stability.

Unfounded statements on haj can hurt ties with Saudis, warns Mujahid

He says Saudi Arabia has not given Malaysia the extra quota over the last few years.

Mystery of ‘Salvator Mundi’, the world’s most costly painting

The painting was sold at auction by Christie's as a work by da Vinci for a staggering US$450 million.

Members of Saudi team that killed Khashoggi received training in US

It is said that the training occurred before the Khashoggi incident, as part of an ongoing liaison with Saudi Arabia.

US, China driving oil demand; no April Opec policy change

China and the US will lead to global demand for oil, but Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih says it's too early to change Opec's policy.

Saudi agrees US$10 billion China refinery deal as crown prince visits

The investment could help Saudi Arabia regain its place as the top oil exporter to China.

Saudi prince agrees to step up anti-terror ‘pressure’ with India

Saudi Arabia and India seeks to tackle common concerns as Prince Mohammed, who just visited Pakistan at the height of the cross-border tensions, had offered to help end the dispute between the two neighbouring countries.

Sources: Afghan Taliban likely to meet Saudi crown prince in Pakistan

Pakistan has been playing an increasingly vital role in the Afghanistan peace talks, which have been gathering momentum in recent months amid a growing US desire to pull out its troops.

Saudi named in report on Khashoggi murder becomes UAE envoy

Turki Aldakhil, who Prince Mohammed told that he’d use a bullet if Khashoggi didn’t stop criticising the government, has been sworn in by King Salman along with other new ambassadors.

Turkey says Saudi lack of transparency on Khashoggi concerning, detrimental to...

Erdogan's communications director says the series of "false denials" from Saudi officials had led to uncertainty on a host of issues around the case.

US lawmakers again seek to end support for Saudis in Yemen

Opponents of the resolution are reluctant to take any action to disrupt the strategic US relationship with Riyadh..

Yemen truce, prisoner swap timelines pushed back

Martin Griffiths hosted peace talks between the Saudi-backed Yemeni government and Iran-aligned Houthi rebels last month.

Coming to Canada ‘worth the risk,’ says Saudi teen refugee

Qunun grabbed international attention last week after she locked herself in a Bangkok airport hotel room, resisting to go back to her family, which denied abusing her.

Young Saudi asylum-seeker arrives in Canada to official welcome

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada is standing up for human rights around the world by granting Qunum asylum.

Saudi teen who fled family leaves Thailand for asylum in Canada

The decision is likely to exacerbate Canada's already poor relations with Saudi Arabia.

UNHCR examining Saudi woman’s asylum bid as family due in Bangkok

The Saudi government said it had not demanded her deportation, adding the case is a "family affair", but under the "care and attention" of the embassy.