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7 misconceptions about saving for retirement

Many Malaysians are insufficiently prepared for retirement. Read on to find out how you can fix this dangerous situation.

Why you should start financial planning early

Savings alone used to be enough, but this is no longer so today. It’s all about staying ahead of inflation.

Nearly half of Malaysians spend more than they earn, survey finds

The survey by RinggitPlus also reveals that 53% of its 8,000 respondents are not able to survive more than 3 months with their savings.

Malaysian millennials save money but don’t invest, survey finds

But they are quite disciplined and follow monthly budgets.

17 money calculations you need to make

Here are some calculations to help you manage your money better.

Practise zero waste to save money and the environment

You should consider practising a zero waste lifestyle to save money.

Yes, ‘impossible’ dreams can be achieved

Here's a true MyPF story from a client about personal finance and how smart savings paves the way to financial success.

Retiring with healthy savings seems an impossible dream for many

The government needs to increase the minimum wage and revise the EPF retirement plan.

PTPTN to help more poor parents tap RM1 billion education fund

Only RM2.41million of a RM1 billion fund used since 2003, greater promotion efforts to be carried out.

A US$1.6 bil horror as Ghana investors can’t get their savings

The crackdown on Ghana’s banking system leaves Ghanaians unable to access their savings.

5 ways to reduce your monthly grocery bill

Saving money on your monthly groceries is easy. Read on to find out how.

Be aware of your overspending triggers

You need to control your personal overspending triggers to save money.

Why you should not retire early

If you are able to work productively, you can delay digging into your precious retirement funds

End of the ‘sandwich generation’

Unlike our generation, our predecessors could afford to give to all and sundry, without jeopardising the roof over their heads, during the post-festive season.

Why an understanding of financial management is important

Malaysians have to be better prepared for retirement as we are living longer lives now.

Proud to still be working at 77? It largely depends on...

It's important to understand if you're working past retirement because you need the money or because you want to keep yourself active and busy.

7 urgent financial goals to work on right this minute

From cutting your spending to getting out of debt and saving for emergencies, these goals will result in improved finances and greater peace of mind.

Why is the savings rate in Malaysia on the decline?

Those who can somehow save and use their savings to invest to earn higher returns will likely be better off in the future.

5 money management habits you must stop

It's time to take a look at your financial habits and make the necessary changes in order to be able to save and invest for a better future.

BMW warns of profit slump, sets US$14 billion savings plan

The German luxury carmaker is responding by stepping up a savings program with plans to cull models, reduce development times by as much as one third and hold the workforce steady this year.

More now using PTPTN as savings fund

Deposits doubled to RM790 million in the National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) in the second half of last year.

Start small: 6 easy tricks to save money

Apart from investing your money, being financially successful starts with doing the smaller things - read on to find out what these are.

Regular budgeting not working? Try backwards budgeting

With backwards budgeting, you prioritise saving before expenses, allowing you to adjust your spending rather than your savings.

Here’s to taking a marathoner’s approach to saving money

Marathons can’t be run without training, and houses can’t be bought without savings. But if you follow the course, you'll have a bank balance to be proud of.