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Why an understanding of financial management is important

Malaysians have to be better prepared for retirement as we are living longer lives now.

Proud to still be working at 77? It largely depends on...

It's important to understand if you're working past retirement because you need the money or because you want to keep yourself active and busy.

7 urgent financial goals to work on right this minute

From cutting your spending to getting out of debt and saving for emergencies, these goals will result in improved finances and greater peace of mind.

Why is the savings rate in Malaysia on the decline?

Those who can somehow save and use their savings to invest to earn higher returns will likely be better off in the future.

5 money management habits you must stop

It's time to take a look at your financial habits and make the necessary changes in order to be able to save and invest for a better future.

BMW warns of profit slump, sets US$14 billion savings plan

The German luxury carmaker is responding by stepping up a savings program with plans to cull models, reduce development times by as much as one third and hold the workforce steady this year.

More now using PTPTN as savings fund

Deposits doubled to RM790 million in the National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) in the second half of last year.

Start small: 6 easy tricks to save money

Apart from investing your money, being financially successful starts with doing the smaller things - read on to find out what these are.

Regular budgeting not working? Try backwards budgeting

With backwards budgeting, you prioritise saving before expenses, allowing you to adjust your spending rather than your savings.

Here’s to taking a marathoner’s approach to saving money

Marathons can’t be run without training, and houses can’t be bought without savings. But if you follow the course, you'll have a bank balance to be proud of.

Cheaper properties: So, should I wait till March?

If you've found a place you like in a mature neighbourhood that is priced 10% below the going rate, it’s best to buy now rather than wait till March.

When is the right time to save for retirement?

There's no better time than now, so treat your retirement fund as you would a bill that must be paid in full, every month without fail.

When saving on fuel is not all that it’s cracked up...

How much fuel savings are you truly enjoying with a luxury car when the very cost of the car could put you out of thousands of ringgit in the first place?

Should you merge your finances after marriage?

A merger will allow both parties more options to implement a strategic money management plan for the future.

Why financial literacy is important in our lives

Malaysians generally lack financial education and are at risk of making poor financial decisions. It is time we brushed up on this important facet of our lives.

Real-time feedback makes hotel guests slash shower power

Authors of the study, published in Nature Energy, predicted based on user behaviour that the new meters would save enough energy to pay for themselves within two years.

11 financial goals you must set immediately

Financial goals are important to ensure you build wealth for future financial needs.

50 years old and worried about retirement?

If you have overlooked saving for your retirement, don’t panic. It’s not too late as there's still a solid 10 years’ to carry out and fulfil a retirement plan.

Budgeting: Make it fun as you secure your financial future

If you teach your kids how to budget, they will not have to struggle as adults and maybe even have enough to kickstart a savings fund they can keep for a lifetime.

All the mafan things about personal finance and life

Whether you like it or not, being an adult means getting insurance coverage, building up your savings and investing in your education, health and appearance.

11 easy tips to simplify your financial life

The less complex your financial life is, the more secure you will be. As Albert Einstein says, 'Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.'

Why every woman needs an emergency fund

It’s money you tuck away for unexpected expenses. It’s a mark of maturity, as well as personal savvy, to realise that in everyone’s life difficult times come.

The importance of getting a financial education

Financial independence is achievable for everyone in their lifetimes, and for most within a decade or less with a disciplined, well-structured process.

10 ways to retire, from awesome to depressing

For many, retirement isn't an option. For others, it can mean days spent holidaying, pursuing a hobby or even living in a structured retirement home.