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Love scams: What to do when it involves a loved one

It is one thing to take precautions against romance scammers, but what if it’s a loved one who’s falling for them?

Part 1: Beware these scams in Malaysia

Scams in Malaysia are exceptionally common and it takes just one slip to fall for it.

Facebook-Google scammer pleads guilty in US$121 million theft

The scheme netted about US$23 million from Google in 2013 and about US$98 million from Facebook in 2015.

Cryptocurrency thefts, scams hit US$1.7 billion in 2018

Korea and Japan were home to most of the thefts from exchanges, or 58%, throughout 2018.

Super hacks for cyber shopaholics

Below are some fascinating ways on how to save money when shopping online.

How to digitally protect your money

From checking your emails for data breaches to never keeping your passwords or PIN in writing, there are many ways to protect your digital money.

Beware new breed of pickpockets and scammers at Europe

The premise is simple. A network of professional con artists don skirts, suits and ties to try and blend in with the moneyed, well-heeled guests of tony hotels across the city

44 who allowed bank accounts to be used for scams nabbed

The losses attributed to these 'money mules' is estimated to be RM17 million.

Bank association: Measures in place to protect customers’ data

Association of Banks in Malaysia reminds customers to regularly monitor their bank accounts for any unauthorised transactions.

A ‘project’ as big as KL city in Sabah but with...

Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association warns public of companies marketing 'development projects' such as this, online and overseas.

US embassy issues scam alert for its citizens

There are victims who reported losses amounting to tens of thousands of US dollars, the embassy says on its official website.

Woman loses RM240,000 hoping to ‘win a fortune’

Left with debt having finished life savings and borrowings from parents, woman now seeks help from Gerakan to pursue police report made in April last year.

Some ‘nurses’ aren’t there for your good health, say cops

Police warn of two women travelling through Batu Pahat, robbing residents under the guise of providing free health checks.

How to handle an attack of fake news

Always be prepared, and make sure that every employee is equipped to communicate the truth, AirAsia head of communication tells daily.

More young M’sians falling prey to forex schemes

Most of the victims, in their 20s and 30s, end up in debt because of greed, says MCA’s Michael Chong.

Archived: Malaysia’s 13 best scams

The biggest scams in Malaysia are those conceived by the BN federal government.

Archived: Taiwan fraud rings move into SE Asia

Taiwanese fraudsters are spreading their wings across their borders and are recruiting unsuspecting young people to join their syndicate.