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Scholarships for Palestinians show govt has money after all, says PBS...

Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) deputy president Yee Moh Chai says there’s nothing wrong with giving Palestinian students scholarships but asks why the government is so hard on Malaysian students.

Budget cuts may lead to fewer scholarships next year, warns Najib

The former prime minister also hits out at activists for not speaking up on the reduced allocation for education.

PM says will cancel contracts, licences of Bumiputeras who don’t deliver

Saying it is no use talking about ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ if they remain ‘coolies’, Mahathir Mohamad reminds Bumiputeras not to sell licences and contracts given to them to non-Bumiputeras.

What a loss to the nation when scholarship holders can’t get...

It's almost scary to see graduation photos of smiling Malaysian students when those who graduated years earlier are still struggling to secure jobs despite almost reaching their thirties.

Give scholarships to attract foreign students, says education firm

Education Malaysia Global Services CEO Rujhan Mustafa says one way to attract more foreign students is by giving them full or partial scholarships.

Dr M: Malays will continue to get special privileges

PM says the affirmative action policy will continue as Malays still need assistance in some areas and the government wants to avoid racial conflict.

Beyoncé to donate US$100,000 for scholarships at black universities

The Homecoming Scholars Award Program will give US$25,000 ( in scholarship money to a student respectively at Xavier University, Wilberforce University, Tuskegee University, and Bethune-Cookman University.

We’ll put more Indian students in varsities, says Najib

Prime Minister says community needs more help as it has not achieved 7% target for students in matriculation colleges and public universities.

Penang scholarship fund to accept applications in June

The Penang Future Foundation is an initiative to aid outstanding and deserving youths to pursue their tertiary studies.

Country’s future at risk with scholarship cuts, say activists

There is no point in trying to be nationalistic, local universities are just not as good as international institutions, analyst and student activists say.

PKR: Threat to cut bursaries an attempt to silence students

Sivarasa says a move to terminate scholarships of students who criticise the government will affect Malaysia's international freedom of speech assessment.

DAP: Give PSD scholarships to all who qualify

Seputeh MP says Cabinet must intervene if Public Service Department dismisses students who qualify for scholarships under 9 A+ Sponsorship Programme.

DAP: PSD must clear the air on scholarships

DAP deputy secretary-general P Ramasamy seeks clarification from Public Services Department on the meaning of 'inclusiveness', and how it applies as a criteria.

SPM students with 9A+ eligible for PSD sponsorship

PSD director-general clarifies confusion arising among SPM students that only students who obtained A+ in all subjects eligible.

Gerakan moots National Scholarships solely on merit

Mah says a 1% rise in tax rate on the rich and top companies could help pay for scholarship fund.

Students seek donations after scholarship suspension

Nine students with places in universities overseas hope to raise at least RM750,000 from the public following the decision by the government not to support JPA scholarships for those pursuing tertiary education abroad.

DAP: Adenan must help 43 students study overseas

DAP leader Chong Chieng Jen says it is still not too late for the chief minister to get Sarawak Foundation scholarships for them.

Scholarships: Govt ‘at odds’ with itself

DAP's Yeo questions why Talent Corp puts scholars in private firms and PSD does not

Revised Budget a backward step, says Guan Eng

Penang CM sees difficulty in achieving developed nation status and high-income level.

Zairil takes gov’t to task over cut in JPA scholarships

DAP lawmaker says education cuts are unacceptable when corruption, leakages and financial scandals abound.