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Tag: School

Indian police charge owners as school fire toll hits 20

One of the owners of the tuition centre has been detained while the other two are on the run.

Hard to fight extremism at school, says ex-headmaster

He says the entire public school system would have to be reformed, which will not be easy.

New English syllabus brings some hope to a public school

But efforts to move with the times are stymied by poor internet connectivity and a shortage of equipment.

Strict but with a heart of gold: A teacher who moulds...

Nothing makes Saramah Varughese prouder than to see her former trainees take up leadership roles in the world outside.

Founder cries foul after Sabah school for undocumented kids shut down

Authorities say such alternative learning centres can only be opened in plantations but Michael Liman asks how else undocumented children can obtain an education.

Sri Lanka Catholics hold first Sunday mass after Easter attacks

The sprawling church car park was empty as the authorities bars vehicles from entering the compound as part of high-level security.

Dry taps at Sabah teachers’ quarters over unpaid water bill

Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister Peter Anthony says the Water Department had no choice as the education office owes it RM700,000.

Buying for our ‘future’ children… literally

Many parents are buying property in school catchment areas to future-proof their children’s education.

Religious segregation in Sabah school resolved

No action will be taken against the principal as the issue was settled 'amicably'.

Segregation of students by religion makes Sabah parents see red

School principal says this new system for Form 1 students is due to the lack of classrooms.

111 schools in Pasir Gudang will remain closed, says Maszlee

The education minister says no date has been set to reopen the schools.

Free tampons in British schools not enough to end period poverty,...

Half of all women and girls in poor countries are estimated to have to use rags, cloths, grass and paper during their periods since many cannot afford to buy sanitary products.

At least 100 school children trapped in collapsed Nigeria building

Residents of the area said around 100 children attended the school, which was on the third floor of the building.

German students walk out of school in climate change protest

The protest is part of a global movement known as 'School Strike 4 Climate' or 'Fridays For Future.'

Stop bullying of Orang Asli kids in schools, urges activist

Shaq Koyok says the only way to do this is by creating greater awareness of Orang Asli culture among other Malaysians.

Teachers’ union says yes to caning, education group says no

PAGE and NUTP differ over whether ex-headmaster V Chakaravathy’s method of dealing with delinquent students should be emulated.

Chinese kids fan profit at Bangkok school criticised for IPO

Former Thai finance minister says the school should lose tax breaks aimed at spurring investment in private-sector education.

Sarawak confident diesel supply to 21 rural schools won’t be cut

Education, Science and Technological Research Minister Michael Manyin says he has received a positive response from the education ministry regarding this matter.

Sabah secondary school behind ‘kunyit’ programme apologises

Sabah education director Mistirine Radin says the school based in Kota Kinabalu has realised its mistake of including such a programme in its yearbook.

Education ministry denies ‘Hindu’ pupil forced to take Islamic studies

The director-general of education says the Year Three pupil has been attending moral classes since she started schooling.

Classroom role-playing makes schoolyards safer for vulnerable students

Suhakam comes up with a non-conventional way to reduce bullying.

Taipei: The story of Tamsui’s black-bearded barbarian

Visit the places where missionary George Leslie Mackay, known to locals as the black-bearded barbarian, lived when he preached Christianity to the locals.

Distance sees many Orang Asli drop out of school

Orang Asli are not keen on having their children stay in hostels as they feel they are too young to take care of themselves.

Parents, teachers question move to end exams

Some parents are concerned over the constant changes in the education system while others join the debate on whether exams or practical based assessments are better in schools.