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Tag: School

Police rescue students from Islamic ‘torture house’

Over 300 'inmates' were held in inhumane conditions, some of them were even sodomised by teachers.

Treat bullying seriously as taxpayers bear damages, say lawyers

This follows RM600,000 in damages awarded by court to student bullied in Terengganu school.

Accused Colorado school shooter ordered to stand trial for murder

The pair broke into the safe with an axe and a crowbar and consumed cocaine before going on a shooting rampage.

2 mil children out of school in war-torn Yemen, says Unicef

Education of another 3.7 million at risk with teachers' salaries not paid in more than two years.

‘Dangerous’ air pollution in Indonesia’s Borneo leads to school closures

The air pollution index in Palangka Raya hit 500.

Jasin factory ammonia gas leak forces evacuation of 120 students

Nine factory workers were sent to the Jasin Hospital for further treatment after suffering breathing difficulties.

Texas school district sued for colouring black pupil’s scalp with marker

The unnamed administrator has been placed on administrative leave over the incident.

9-year-old girl in Kedah suffers spinal injury due to ‘abuse’ by...

She also alleges she has to pay protection money to her fellow pupils to avoid being assaulted.

Pigeon droppings not a factor in Pasir Gudang health woes, says...

The health minister says he has engaged independent experts to investigate why pupils and teachers were falling ill in the area.

Johor blames pigeon droppings for Pasir Gudang pupils’ breathing problems

State executive councillors say the unpleasant odour from pigeon droppings has affected pupils of SK Tanjung Puteri Resort.

‘Human error’ behind 32 students falling ill at SK Linggi

Deputy Agriculture Minister Sim Tze says workers used wrong pesticides and were not trained to mix the right amount of water to pesticides.

Thai schoolboy dies after violent hazing ritual

Police confirm the boy had passed away and add that the three seniors – who have already been charged with assault – would face more serious charges.

The 5 worst team mates to work with on projects

Student life is made a lot harder when working with people you cannot rely on.

Penang’s fascinating history immortalised in state museum

Since 1964 the Penang State Museum has been housed in a heritage building on Farquhar Street opposite the Courts complex.

Singaporean schoolkids struggle with stress

Schoolchildren are paying a heavy price for Singapore's success in global education rankings with rising numbers of stress- and anxiety-related cases.

Take case of schoolgirl being caned seriously

The caning incident raises many questions about punishment in school and whether students and parents have avenues for appeal.

Caning schoolgirl against ministry SOP, says advisory council member

Education activist Noor Azimah Abdul Rahman says action must be taken against the teacher.

Indian police charge owners as school fire toll hits 20

One of the owners of the tuition centre has been detained while the other two are on the run.

Hard to fight extremism at school, says ex-headmaster

He says the entire public school system would have to be reformed, which will not be easy.

New English syllabus brings some hope to a public school

But efforts to move with the times are stymied by poor internet connectivity and a shortage of equipment.

Strict but with a heart of gold: A teacher who moulds...

Nothing makes Saramah Varughese prouder than to see her former trainees take up leadership roles in the world outside.

Founder cries foul after Sabah school for undocumented kids shut down

Authorities say such alternative learning centres can only be opened in plantations but Michael Liman asks how else undocumented children can obtain an education.

Sri Lanka Catholics hold first Sunday mass after Easter attacks

The sprawling church car park was empty as the authorities bars vehicles from entering the compound as part of high-level security.

Dry taps at Sabah teachers’ quarters over unpaid water bill

Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister Peter Anthony says the Water Department had no choice as the education office owes it RM700,000.