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14 more schools in Pasir Gudang to close for 4 days

This is in addition to 3 schools closed earlier after pupils had breathing difficulties.

The reform of English language education in Malaysia

The English Language Education Reform in Malaysia: The Roadmap 2015-2025 is a 10-year reform plan to improve English language education in Malaysia.

Half of English teachers have poor English skills, says don

Teo Kok Seong of UKM tells NUTP to stop denying this.

Don: Lessons on love for others can’t curb extremism

Azmil Tayeb says pupils and teachers must put love into practice and mix across ethnic and religious lines.

Penang govt to hold dialogue on schools affected by PIL 1

It will also meet the education ministry to discuss concerns, says the chief minister.

RM35 million to hire relief teachers

The amount is to enable the hiring of teachers to replace those on long leave.

Sri Lanka Catholic schools to reopen after attacks

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith says the schools will open Tuesday after remaining shut following fears of a repeat attack.

Declare crisis over lack of English teachers, advisory council member tells...

Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim, a member of the National Education Advisory Council, says the country is short of 2,000 English language teachers, and that every year another 1,000 retire.

An open letter to Dr M and Maszlee on extremism in...

A parent relates an incident at his son's school during the Islamic Studies class.

We aren’t showing off over RM1 bil offer to repair schools,...

He says the Sarawak government had to interfere in the issue due to the bad condition of many schools in the state.

Decentralising the education system

Reform of the education system, not just single reform measures, is urgently needed.

Frequent U-turns make dealing with Putrajaya difficult, says Sarawak minister

State minister Michael Manyin cites recent decision by Putrajaya to turn down the Sarawak government's offer of a RM1 billion loan to repair dilapidated schools in the state.

Sarawak minister questions Putrajaya’s sincerity over dilapidated schools

Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah describes rejection of RM1 billion loan as disappointing.

Noh Omar offers ‘it’s a crime only if you’re caught’ analogy...

The BN MP says this in asking that all politicians be given equal treatment if they want to enter schools, adding that he has evidence that some school heads have been warned not to allow in opposition MPs.

Maszlee denies saying Pasir Gudang schools must replace school days

Saying he was misquoted, the education minister explains that the Johore Education Department will decide whether the schools should have replacement days for the days when they were closed.

London school-bag essentials: books, lunch and an air-pollution sensor

In the week-long experiment, students wear specially adapted backpacks containing sensors to measure particulate matter and NO2 levels in the air.

Standard 1 but already being prepped for Standard 4 work

A mother says she was called in over her son's 'messy handwriting' and told that the teacher is preparing the students for Standard Four exams.

Over 500 warded for toxic fumes in Johor

The health minister denies a report that a victim has died.

13 schools in Johor closed indefinitely after chemical pollution

The state also activated its disaster management committee to monitor the situation.

No ‘Kunyit’ programmes in schools, education ministry says

The ministry doesn't permit such 'gender awareness programmes' at government schools, says Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching.

Burkina children skip school, fearing jihadist attacks

School closures have spread from the country's conflict-ridden north to the east.

Change in education will come, but wait

The right people and plans have been put in place; now members of the public must be patient and understand that change is a process, not a single event.

Why focus on AI when there’s no intelligence in the nation,...

Academic Syed Ali Tawfik al-Attas and a former principal tell the education minister that the education system is broken and needs a total rethink.

Education ministry seeks more funds for national, state religious schools

It says the perception that the ministry is not concerned about the wellbeing of national schools and state religious schools is baseless.