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Tag: Science

US celebrates 50th anniversary of Moon landing

Nasa has been in overdrive for several weeks to mark the anniversary, with exhibits and events around the US.

2,687 picked to teach Science, Maths in English in Sarawak

The state education minister says training for the teachers will begin by September.

Monkey experiments offer clues on origin of language

Scientists set up the experiment with a community of green monkeys in Senegal which they have been observing for more than a decade.

Wingmoms: How bonobo mothers help their sons find love

Bonobo mothers play the outsized role in ensuring their sons have fruitful sex lives: from using their rank to interfering with rivals' attempts to mate.

415.26 parts per million: CO2 levels hit historic high

The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, which has tracked atmospheric CO2 levels since the late 1950s, detected 415.26 parts per million (ppm).

Older of two students arrested in Colorado shooting appears in court

The two teenagers are accused of opening fire on fellow students in two classrooms.

Teaching of science, maths in English to start with primary 1...

State education minister says the two subjects will be taught in English at 891 primary schools except in Chinese primary schools.

Move English teachers to where they’re needed, says group

Putrajaya also urged to enforce teaching of mathematics and science in English and to provide an extra allowance.

Maths, Science to be taught in English in Sarawak primary schools

Education Minister Mazslee Malik says the state will also help train teachers.

Elusive molecule, first in Universe, detected in space

"It was the beginning of chemistry and the formation of HeH+ was the first step on a path of increasing complexity in the Universe.

Study: How smelling pleasant aromas could help smokers kick the habit

If you're trying to quit smoking, taking a sniff of lemon, vanilla or peppermint could offer a helping hand when it comes to resisting the urge to smoke.

Scientists revive brain function in dead pigs

Scientists have managed to restore cell function in the brains of pigs that experts said threw into question the very notion of what makes animals – or even humans – alive.

Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole

Astronomers began speculating about these omnivorous 'dark stars' in the 1700s, and since then indirect evidence has slowly accumulated.

Ancient four-legged whale from Peru walked on land, swam in sea

The 4-metre mammal represents a crucial intermediate step before whales became fully adapted to a marine existence.

Stop pushing STEM and giving false hopes to the young

Pure science graduates are a frustrated lot as they can’t get jobs or research opportunities, so the government should first make available sufficient jobs or career opportunities before promoting STEM.

Physicist Marcelo Gleiser: ‘Science does not kill God’

Gleiser does not believe in God but refuses to completely write off the possibility of God's existence.

Intensify training to improve English proficiency of teachers, Putrajaya told

The National Union of Teaching Profession says the number of those capable of teaching Science and Mathematics in English is limited.

Moon shot: Toyota, Japan space agency plan lunar mission

It will be Toyota's first full-fledged entry into space exploration after the development of a small robot for the International Space Station. 

Study finds potential new weapon in fight against malaria

Researchers find that low does of atovaquone completely kills malaria parasites in mosquitoes.

Touchdown: Japan probe Hayabusa2 lands on distant asteroid

The Hayabusa2 space probe observes the surface of the asteroid with its camera and sensing equipment.

New Universe map unearths 300,000 more galaxies

The international team behind the space survey said their discovery literally shed new light on some of the Universe's deepest secrets.

Japan trial to treat spinal cord injuries with stem cells

The team will transplant two million Pluripotent Stem cells into the spines of the patients be monitored for a year.

Time-saving interval training may be better for weight loss

New research has found that when it comes to losing weight, interval training may be a more effective form of exercise than doing a continuous moderate intensity workout.

Voyage into the unknown explores Indian Ocean’s hidden depths

A Commonwealth expedition has been launched to explore the seabed and discover the effects of plastic pollution.