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Tag: Sea-gypsies

Sabah sea gypsies get lecture from cops on dangers of fish...

Some 40 sea gypsies attended the community policing programme in Lahad Datu and were advised to tip off police on illegal activities.

Lepa lepa identity letters are illegal, says assistant minister

Jannie Lasimbang declares that no native court or village chief is empowered to issue such documents to stateless sea gypsies.

How did foreigners get identification documents, NGO asks Sabah govt

Borneo Dayak Forum concerned over news that 10 fishermen abducted off Sabah had documents which are normally issued by the native court.

Conflicting figures over number of kidnap victims frustrate security forces

Philippine security forces claim no more held hostage with rescue of nine fishermen yesterday but some witnesses claim 11 people were kidnapped.

Puzzled Sabah cops not ruling out revenge in kidnapping of sea...

Kidnap-for-ransom groups usually target locals, tourists and business people but the latest victims are stateless foreign fishermen.

Don’t force Bajau Laut to fit our idea of progress, says...

Persatuan Pengurusan Madrasah Al-Hikmah warns against destroying the Bajau Laut culture, and says the government should consult with them before trying to effect change.

‘I didn’t mean to show Bajau Laut villagers in bad light’

Woman who records villagers asking for handouts from tourists in Sabah says she did not mean for the video to be widely circulated.