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Tag: search engine

Google search dominance has businesses paying for their name

Businesses pay a lot more money to Google as it has about 81% of the mobile search market, making it the main source for searching information.

China’s Baidu pledges to improve search service after complaint

The search engine was placing low-quality pieces of information using its Baijihao service which selects articles from both media outlets for display on Baidu's own web pages towards the top of its searches.

Senator says Google failed to answer key questions on China

Google has always been interested in expanding its presence in China but it’s unclear if the company will restart a search engine there.

Google employees demand more oversight of China search engine

Though development is in an early stage, providing more services in the world's most populous country fits with Google's global mission, the report said.

Baidu CEO declares he can beat Google again

Reacting to reports about Google developing a censored version of its search engine to enter China, Baidu CEO Robin Li said "Baidu will win again", citing Chinese companies' ability and confidence to compete globally.

Baidu sales, profit top estimates as news, video woo advertisers

The mobile Baidu app shows healthy user and activation trends with high monetisation potential for Baidu feeds in the coming 6 to 12 months, an analyst said.