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Tag: second quarter

World’s top sovereign fund grows despite volatile markets

The Bank of Norway, which manages the country's sovereign wealth fund, says the fund has returned 3%, or 256 billion kroner, in the second quarter of this year.

Strong GDP growth proves Malaysia’s resilience, says Guan Eng

The finance minister says the 4.9% growth in the second quarter of this year has beaten market expectations.

GDP growth in Q2 likely to be robust, says finance ministry

This comes after positive growth of 1.1% in exports in April.

Puma confident after Q2 boosts from Jay-Z, Griezmann

German sportswear group Puma reported Thursday growing sales and profits in the second quarter.

Volvo profit rises more than expected as truck demand increases

Volvo’s total truck orders increased by 10% in the second quarter of 2018.

General Motors’s China vehicle sales growth rate eases in second quarter

In 2018's second quarter, General Motors sold 858,344 vehicles in China.