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Tag: security

Trudeau continues campaign after threats to his safety

Canada PM’s rival stresses threats against political leaders have no place in democracy.

Deschamps keen to keep geopolitics out of France-Turkey qualifier

France coach keeping his focus on game.

Acting US homeland security chief McAleenan resigns

US president says Kevin McAleenan wants to spend more time with family.

Build peace instead of boosting might, says Sabah academic

Ayesah Uy Abubakar suggests better relations between the military and local communities and aid for those affected by the security curfew.

Security stepped up as ‘Joker’ opens in US movie theatres

Police in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are deploying additional officers or closely monitoring movie theatres where the ‘Joker’ is playing.

China to flex military might on 70th anniversary

New intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the US among military hardware to be on display.

Iran to present plan for Gulf security at UN General Assembly...

Hassan Rouhani says the presence of foreign forces in the region would create insecurity for oil and shipping.

Petronas enhancing security at critical facilities after Saudi oil attacks

It says drone attack is an escalating risk.

Israel must have freedom to act against Iran, Netanyahu says in...

Russia and Israel agree to boost dialogue between their militaries in regard to Syria.

English football ‘needs to wake up’ over players’ security

A personal protection expert warns that clubs need to take players safety more seriously.

Huawei feels no big impact from Czech, Polish security fears

Huawei says it’s business as usual in Europe despite warning from a Czech cybersecurity watchdog that the tech giant's technology could pose a security threat.

Govt to issue special pass to documented foreigners in Sabah

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says the card will cost applicants RM120 and is renewable every three years.

After first death in Kashmir protests, calls for tighter security in...

Asrar Ahmed Khan died after he was injured during a protest on Aug 6 prompting tighter security in Kashmir.

Iran confirms space centre blast, slams Trump tweet

Iran says no one was killed in the blast and hit out at US President Donald Trump for tweeting about the accident ‘gleefully’.

Esscom to beef up security for barter trading off Sabah

Sea checkpoints will be created in Sabah’s east coast to inspect incoming vessels involved in barter trading.

Sabahans are not xenophobic, they’re just worried

It is not Shafie Apdal's duty to involve himself in the affairs of foreign nations, but to improve the situation in his state.

US airport security finds ‘souvenir’ missile launcher in checked bag

The man is an active military personnel and the launcher is a souvenir from Kuwait.

Security fears turn away tourists from Sabah’s east coast

State tourism official says cautionary travel advisories by several countries have made travel agents wary.

Ships deploy unarmed guards to avoid escalation in critical areas

Shipping associations are urging merchant shipping companies to avoid using private armed security personnel in critical areas.

Don’t fix NSC Act, just repeal it, say PH MPs

Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah and Beruas MP Ngeh Koo Ham urge the government to abolish the act instead of amending it.

African leaders set to sign landmark trade deal at AU Summit

State trade ministers agreed the zone should be operational from July 2020.

Military protection for barter trade between Sabah and the Philippines

The Philippine military will provide extra security to ensure the safety of traders at Turtle Island in Tawi Tawi.

Trump to allow China’s Huawei to buy from US suppliers

Donald Trump says US companies can sell equipment to Huawei as it poses no great security problem.

Sri Lanka extends emergency in surprise move

There is no immediate word from the government why Sirisena changed his mind, but security remains tight in the capital.