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April 9 will haunt GPS reps for the rest of their...

Sarawak PKR vice-chairman See Chee How claims the 19 MPs had failed in their duty to vote for the restoration of Sarawak as an equal partner in Malaysia.

No RM35 million Diamond aircraft tested, says Mavcom

The aviation authority reacts to a claim by PKR on the purchase of a sophisticated four-seater plane for use by a Sarawak state agency.

PKR wants details of Sarawak’s buy in Shell stake

State PKR vice-chairman See Chee How says it would be a poor deal for Sarawak if the acquisition was a trade-off for its sovereign rights to the gas field.

Full control over oil resources? Wishful thinking, says PKR

Sarawak PKR leader See Chee How says unless several laws that give Petronas power over all oil resources in the country are repealed or amended, Sarawak will not be able to have full control over its oil resources.

Warisan hails proposed Sarawak-Sabah Rights Convention

But party deputy president Darell Leiking doubts that the Sabah government will take the idea seriously, saying Umno will not agree to it.

Reject Territorial Sea Act restricting right over sea, Sarawak told

Sarawak PKR’s See Chee How says that the federal government cannot enact the law which reduces the state’s jurisdiction to 3 nautical miles from the coastline without the state’s approval.

Where’s your priority, Sarawak PKR asks Najib

Sarawak PKR leader See Chee How says PM Najib Razak's 'offer' of almost RM100 billion to 'strengthen US economy' is hypocritical when Malaysia is heavily in debt.

PKR: Petronas should explain disposal of 10% stake in LNG9

Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How says the disposal of the stake to Thailand's PTTGL Investment is 'utterly unacceptable'.

Reveal progress on Sarawak’s push for autonomy, govt told

Sarawak PKR says much must be done in Sarawak’s quests for autonomous powers, rights and privileges as promised during the formation of the federation.

Mana aturcara misi pencarian fakta MA63, soal PKR Sarawak

Naib pengerusi PKR Sarawak See Chee How mempertikaikan kewajaran kunjungan ke London sedangkan kerajaan negeri dan Putrajaya sudah adakan 2 rundingan sebelum ini.

Where’s MA63 ‘fact finding mission’ itinerary, S’wak PKR asks CM

State PKR vice-chairman See Chee How questions rationale for London trip when state had two rounds of negotiations with Putrajaya on devolution of power before.

Sarawak PKR: We need clearer guidelines to boost English

Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How says the state must assess all pilot programmes introduced and implement the workable models in all schools in Sarawak.

Take tourism tax to court, says Sarawak PKR

Batu Lintang assemblyman See Chee How says the tax 'reeks of unconstitutionality' and should be brought to court for judicial review.

PKR: Sabah, Sarawak assemblies must approve tourism tax first

Sarawak PKR vice-chairman See Chee How says the east Malaysian states should not submit meekly on the matter as it concerns their autonomous and constitutional rights.

Sarawak PKR urges CM to support stand against tourism tax

Batu Lintang state rep See Chee How says Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz ignorant and arrogant despite not understanding Federal Constitution.

PKR backs Sarawak’s autonomy pursuit in cabinet reshuffle

Sarawak PKR cautions that BN at the federal level may be the biggest obstacle in devolution of powers.

Sarawak referendum move dismissed as ‘publicity stunt’

Both Sarawak BN and state opposition leaders criticise bid by PKR to table bill for non-binding 'citizens-initiated' referendum calling it a waste of money.

Referendum bill to be proposed in Sarawak assembly

This will allow citizens to call for a referendum on issues close to their heart.

‘Misleading to say Petronas cannot afford higher royalty now’

Sarawak PKR leader says Malaysians should not be misled into thinking that the global oil price slump has caused Petronas to suffer.

Sarawak land rights forum to be held in honour of late...

Organisers say the forum, to be held this Sunday, will focus on empowering Sarawakian rights, not partisan politics.

‘Won’t Bakun dam purchase be a burden for Sarawak?’

State PKR leader refutes claim the sale is a huge concession, citing the company’s equity interest and liabilities amounting to billions.

Sarawak urged to buy stake in gas block from Petronas

PKR assemblyman See Chee How hopes Petronas will give Sarawak first option of buying the 49% stake in a gas block off Sarawak that it is reported to be selling.

Sarawak PKR: Declare faith groups ‘trusts’ to avoid tax

State PKR vice-chairman See Chee How urges Adenan administration to support charitable bodies, religious organisations for their contribution to Sarawak and its people.

‘S’wak Forest Dept must tackle logging licence irregularities’

PKR assemblyman says Forest Department must raise environmental conservation and its revenue to change negative public perception.