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12 tonnes of cocaine seized, hidden among coal

The cocaine was found in 60 sacks mixed with coal in three containers at Butterworth port last week.

US files lawsuit to seize money from sales of Snowden’s book

Edward Snowden’s lawyer says the lawsuit was without merit.

Govt seizes RM428,500 in 1MDB money from Akademi Pemuda

Akademi Pemuda was not represented in court and did not contest the action.

1,000 ‘Ghost Candies’ seized in Sarawak

110 premises in the state inspected following a recent video of a child consuming the candy and exhaling smoke.

Eramin pills worth RM60 mil found hidden in consignment of exhaust...

Cops arrest company director in his 20s following joint sting operation with Customs Department.

Unregistered medicines worth RM25.7 mil seized

They included slimming products, sexual stimulants, painkillers and beauty injection products.

Cops bust syndicate, seize record RM9 mil in contraband items

Bukit Aman says it it is the biggest contraband seizure in the country to date.

Lahad Datu cops seize drugs worth RM2.5 mil

The 52kg of syabu was found in a car.

Tablets for abortion and vaccines from India seized

The 350 vials of unregistered vaccines were valued at RM28,000 and 1,400 Misoprostol tablets were worth RM63,000.

Chile’s Supreme Court to seize US$1.6 million of ex-dictator Pinochet’s assets

The Chilean investigation was launched after the discovery that Pinochet had hidden almost US$20 million in a series of complex financial operations.

Thais seize RM185 mil meth bound for Malaysia

Three men held in Ayutthaya province over seizure, described as one of biggest ever drug busts.

US denies any role in transfer of Equanimity to Malaysia

Lawyers last week asked a federal judge to order the Justice Department to clarify whether US agencies knew in advance or were involved in transferring the luxury yacht to Malaysia.

MACC seizes papers related to ECRL, 2 other projects

The raids were conducted on 13 locations in the Klang Valley.

Rosmah didn’t buy items from Lebanese jeweller, say lawyers

They say allegations that the items were purchased using stolen funds are baseless and untrue.

Umno wants seized funds ‘for party use’ returned

Its strategic communications unit says Dr Mahathir Mohamad had himself handed over RM1.2 billion to Umno when he stepped down as the party’s president in 2003.

Lawyer denies Najib asked for police protection

According to news reports, the former PM was reported to have received threats to his life and those of his family members.

Police in Chinese city seize 600 computers used to mine bitcoin

The report didn't say when the police had seized the equipment.

In trouble over social media postings? What you need to know

Lawyers for Liberty says people being investigated over postings of a political nature need not provide authorities access to their social media accounts.

Indonesia seizes alleged ‘slave ship’ wanted by Interpol

Interpol has tipped off Indonesian authorities that the stateless STS-50, a vessel with a notorious maritime rap sheet, would be entering the Southeast Asian nation's waters with authorities concerned the crew were being forced to work.

Ruling if Christians can use ‘Allah’ in publications deferred

No reason given why judgment has been put off to another date, says lawyer Annou Xavier.

Lorry with 280kg heroin seized just before entry into Kelantan

Two local men from the Pattani province nabbed in operation.

Sandalwood worth millions of ringgit seized

Cambodian man with MyKad among eight held for harvesting the wood illegally in Maliau Basin.

Customs seizes RM23m Eramin 5 pills at Penang airport’s FCZ

The drugs came by air from Taiwan and landed at the free commercial zone at Penang airport.

Zimbabwe seizes 200kg of ivory destined for Malaysia

Controlled ivory trade is allowed in Zimbabwe, but its export is not permitted.