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Cannes kicks off with Jim Jarmusch’s star-studded zombie comedy

The 2019 Cannes Film Festival opened with Jim Jarmusch's 'The Dead Don't Die', a zombie horror-comedy that features a star-studded cast comprised of Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Selena Gomez and Tilda Swinton.

Singer Selena Gomez laments dangers of social media at Cannes

Selena Gomez is one of the world's most-watched Instagram stars, with over 150 million followers.

Coach launches podcast series with Selena Gomez as first guest

Selena Gomez has been working with Coach since 2016, when she was first unveiled as a brand ambassador for the heritage label.

Selena Gomez teases Puma collection with new sneaker

The move is the latest milestone in the year-long working relationship between Puma and Gomez, who was first unveiled as a brand ambassador back in 2017.

Selena Gomez drops long-awaited Coach collection

Coach has unveiled its latest collaboration with Selena Gomez, just in time for fall.

Puma unveils latest collaboration with The Weeknd

The Weeknd has been hard at work putting his indomitable spin on Puma's classic 'Suede' sneaker.

Selena Gomez berminat dengan Bollywood

Bekas teman wanita Justin Bieber itu berkata berminat dan mahu menyanyi lagu di bawah komposisi, pemenang Oscar dari India, AR Rahman.

Woman charged in LA with hacking email of pop star Selena...

The charges include five counts of identity theft, five counts of accessing computer data to commit fraud or illegally obtain money, property or data and one count of accessing computer data without permission.

Drake, Selena Gomez, Cardi B: 10 contenders for ‘song of the...

What is the 2018 song of summer? And more importantly, why pick just one? We round up 10 hits to help you build your summer playlist, whatever your mood.

Selena Gomez: Fashion’s latest icon

Her high profile red carpet appearances and subtle but striking image transformation have helped her navigate the path from child star to bona fide fashion icon with flawless poise.

Selena Gomez jalani pemindahan buah pinggang

Selena hadapi serangan lupus pada 2015, menyebabkan dia mengasingkan diri daripada industri muzik untuk seketika.

Selena Gomez reveals kidney transplant

She poured thanks to Raisa, best known for roles in the ABC series "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and the cheerleader comedy film "Bring It On: All or Nothing."

Selena Gomez puji penampilan Fazura

Video yang dimuat naik menunjukkan Fazura berpelukan sambil melagakan pipi dengan Selena dan saling bertanya khabar.

Megadeth thanks PAS for not protesting

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine says the band is willing to cut songs deemed sensitive to Malaysians.

Jakim bidas Azmin mengenai konsert Selena Gomez

Othman Mustapha berkata, Jakim tidak meluluskan konsert Selena Gomez dan tuduhan itu boleh menjejaskan reputasi dan kredibiliti mereka sebagai sebuah agensi bertanggungjawab bagi hal ehwal Islam di negara ini.

Jakim slams Azmin over Selena Gomez concert

We didn't approve Selena Gomez concert, says Jakim after Selangor MB tries to deflect issue of allowing concert to be held in Shah Alam despite PAS protest.

Pakatan: Konsert Selena Gomez punca putus hubungan alasan remeh

PAS mendakwa penyanyi itu terlalu seksi dan PKR di Selangor tidak cukup komited untuk mengukuhkan Islam.

Split over Selena Gomez concert trivial, PH tells PAS

PAS claims singer was too sexy and PKR in Selangor is not committed enough to strengthen Islam.

Selena Gomez reveals Instagram addiction, low self-esteem

The former Disney Channel singer and actress made headlines last August when she abruptly quit her 'Revival' world tour, saying she needed to take time off to deal with panic attacks and depression.

Selena Gomez the master of Instagram in 2016

Gomez had more than 103 million followers, more than any user except Instagram itself, which selects intriguing postings from around the world.

Drake tops AMA nominations, beats Michael Jackson’s record

R&B artist Rihanna got seven nominations, followed by Britain's Adele and Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber with five apiece.

Selena Gomez to take career break after panic attacks

Gomez announced her decision about two weeks after getting into a social media feud with her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, after the Canadian pop star posted images to his Instagram page of himself and his latest girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Selena concert: PAS doesn’t want Muslims to be corrupted

PAS Youth says Selena Gomez's decision to wear decent outfits for her show was a victory for those seeking to protect Eastern and Islamic values.

Selena may have gained from PAS’ fuss

Some probably went to her concert out of curiosity.