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Former serial rapist Selva Kumar finally feels free

Selva Kumar, once called Canada’s worst serial rapist, no longer feels awkward moving about in public here, and is now focusing on bringing himself closer to God.

4 bulan di Malaysia, bekas banduan Kanada menghirup udara kebebasan

Pernah digelar perogol bersiri paling merbahaya di Kanada, Selva Kumar Subbiah kini sudah menerima MyKad, tidak segan mendampingi masyarakat, dan berusaha mendekatkan diri kepada Tuhan.

Special rights for sex offenders

It is mind-boggling how the authorities are going the extra mile to make convicted sex offenders feel right at home in good old Malaysia.

Di Kelantan, Selva Kumar terima sokongan keluarga

Selva Kumar menjalinkan kembali pertalian keluarganya di Kelantan, dan kini perlu melawan persepsi orang ramai yang menganggap dirinya perogol berbahaya.

In Kelantan, Selva Kumar finds family support, and hope

He spent mere hours in Kuala Lumpur before his elder brother rushed him off to the embrace of close relatives in Kelantan.

Cops have recorded Selva Kumar’s statement, says IGP

Khalid Abu Bakar says ex-convict is not required to report himself to any police station and that he is free to move around like any other Malaysian citizen.

Ramkarpal lectures MCA leader over ex-convict Selva Kumar

He says there is a difference between monitoring those convicted of sex crimes and trying them again after having served time in jail.

Selva Kumar is a free man here, say cops

Penang police chief Chuah Ghee Lye says Selva Kumar's movements cannot be restricted unless he breaks the law, adding that 'Canada's worst rapist', can also visit Penang if he wishes to.

From handsome lad to serial rapist, family hopes to clear name

Exclusive details are emerging about the man at the centre of Canada's worst sex crimes case, hours after his return to Malaysia.

Sabah bans convicted rapist Selva Kumar

Chief Minister Musa Aman issues directive to Sabah immigration to place convicted serial rapist on blacklist with immediate effect.

Selva Kumar back in Malaysia

Dubbed 'Canada's worst rapist', Selva Kumar Subbiah will stay in Kuala Lumpur for now and not return to Penang as previously reported.

Nur Jazlan: Refer to cops, ministry for sex offenders list

Deputy home minister says cooperation needed from interested groups to help update lists maintained by women, family and community development ministry.

Selva may become another Richard Huckle, MCA warns

Wanita MCA chief says the convicted serial rapist may use his wealth to cajole his way out of liability especially since to the penniless, staving off hunger is a priority.

Amaran bekas polis Kanada: Selva Kumar belum berubah

Ia bagai filem seram, kata anggota polis bersara, Brian Thomas mengimbau keterangan mengejutkan mangsa perogol bersiri Malaysia.

Cop who nabbed Selva recalls shocking finds, says he’s not changed

It's like scenes straight out of a psychological thriller, as retired policeman Brian Thomas remembers the shocking tales he heard from victims of the Malaysian serial rapist.

Setuju polis pantau Selva Kumar, tetapi jaga hak asasinya

Aktivis hak asasi rata-rata bersetuju penjenayah seks seperti Selva Kumar yang bakal pulang ke Malaysia dipantau pergerakannya.

Cops confirm serial rapist returning to Malaysia soon

Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar says Selva Kumar Subbiah will be 'watched from afar', as police have to abide by law in monitoring the sex offender.

Serial rapist back in Malaysia this weekend

Selva Kumar Subbiah is in Canadian border security custody until the weekend when he will be returning to Malaysia accompanied by three guards.

Saya sedia ke Malaysia, kata perogol bersiri selepas bebas di Kanada

Selva Kumar sudah dibebaskan selepas menjalani hukuman penjara 24 tahun, dan dijangka pulang ke Malaysia hujung minggu ini.

Putrajaya must be serious over ‘sex offenders registry’

Association of Women Lawyers says knee-jerk reactions not enough, as two cases in past 7 months highlight urgent need to monitor movement of such criminals.

Canada may deport convicted serial rapist to Malaysia without warning

Prison staff in Toronto warn there’s a high risk Selva Kumar Subbiah will reoffend or kill after his release from 24-year jail sentence.

24 tahun di penjara Kanada, perogol bersiri bakal pulang ke Malaysia

Subbiah yang kini 56 tahun dikatakan masih tidak kesal atau merasa simpati terhadap mangsanya.

Kanada bebas perogol warga Malaysia bulan ini

Pegawai penjara Kanada memberi amaran beliau berisiko mengulangi perbuatan yang sama, bahkan membunuh.

Clock ticks down on Malaysian rapist’s exit from Canada prison

He will be released this month and could be sent to Malaysia even though prison officials have warned he is ready to hurt again.