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6 misconceptions about HIV/AIDS

Although HIV/AIDS is widespread today, many still consider it a death sentence, when this is not necessarily so.

Exco man lodges report about flyer on vulgar event

He says he was passed the flyer on the non-existent event while at the Jelutong market in Penang.

Penang hotel sees red over beer-for-semen party flyer

The hotel has denied that it is organising any such event and has lodged a police report.

Thai police arrest man smuggling semen into Laos

The man was travelling with a nitrogen tank containing six vials of suspected human semen, says chief customs officer Nimit Saeng-ampai.

Van driver in court for masturbating in lift

He was charged with committing gross indecency on a woman.

More evidence that smoking worsens semen quality

A new review confirms that smoking has bad effects on a man’s semen. Using the most up-to-date definition of abnormal sperm from the World Health...