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Tag: Semenyih by-election

Woman goes to appeals court to get Semenyih by-election nullified

Sabariah Mohd Shariff is appealing against a High Court ruling dismissing her attempt to stop the March 2 by-election.

The great Pakatan Harapan denial

Pakatan Harapan ministers have only themselves to blame for the coalition's defeat in Semenyih.

PH shouldn’t copy Umno-PAS identity politics

While Umno and PAS have been emboldened by their race and religion formula following wins in two recent by-elections, PH leaders are sending out mixed signals.

AI-based job portal to fight youth unemployment, says Syed Saddiq

The youth and sports minister says the portal will match youth with jobs based on their skills.

PH lost Semenyih because Malays fear ‘losing out’, says MP

Charles Santiago says Pakatan Harapan must work towards earning the trust of the Malays without compromising the rest of the people.

Peninsula politics will affect Sabah too, Shafie says after Semenyih

The Sabah chief minister says his administration will take lessons from Pakatan Harapan's by-election loss last weekend.

Analyst calls for Cabinet shake-up after PH loss in Semenyih

Kamarul Zaman Yusoff says PH must also be seen as making good on the promises in its election manifesto.

A one-way ticket out of Putrajaya

PH will not have the staying power if they do not pay attention to economic and education reforms that would otherwise benefit the grassroots.

After defeat, PPBM pledges to act on weaknesses

Mukhriz Mahathir says the PH coalition would work hard to regain voters' confidence.

Now keep your promises, Najib tells PH after Semenyih win

The former leader says it's time voters demand that the government fulfil its various pledges despite losing the Semenyih by-election.

BN wins in Semenyih after record voter turnout since GE14

It is the second by-election victory for the former ruling coalition.

BN leading in Semenyih after more than half votes counted

The former ruling coalition could likely clinch its second by-election victory since losing power last year.

When govt too strong, it’s corruption-prone, Najib tells Semenyih voters

The former prime minister pens a letter to voters on why they should choose the opposition when they go to the polls tomorrow.

Semenyih sees 38% turnout for early voting at 10am

The ballot boxes will be kept at the police station and taken to the counting centre specified by the EC on March 2.

High Court dismisses bid to stop Semenyih by-election

Judge SM Komathy rules that the Election Commission can continue to discharge its functions legally.

Muhyiddin says up to tok batin to read from prepared text

The PPBM president responds to reports that Aleh Abdullah did not write a speech in support of PH.

I knew about plan on highway tolls long before Semenyih, says...

The PKR leader also dismisses Najib Razak's attempts at a makeover using the 'Bossku' tagline.

PAS-Umno cooperation to continue in Semenyih, Khairy says

The former Umno Youth chief says the parties are planning to hold a mega ceramah where BN and PAS leaders will share the stage.

BN simply the popular choice in Semenyih, say voters

Some of them speak to FMT of their appreciation for BN despite the scandals dogging the former ruling coalition.

Politics is not a game, let’s start with Semenyih

An election is not limited to casting a vote as it produces outcomes that affect people’s lives.

Pre-election debates a waste of time, analyst says

UM's Awang Azman Awang Pawi says candidates' time would be better spent campaigning from house to house.

Ex-PSM candidate hopes for change in party’s fortunes in Semenyih

S Arulchelvan says there is strong discontent among Chinese voters, especially those who are upset with PPBM's recent decisions.

The wave is with us, Umno Youth vice-chief says ahead of...

Shahril Hamdan says the people are fed up with Pakatan Harapan's lack of economic vision.

Decide whether you are supporting Umno in Semenyih polls, PPBM tells...

PPBM secretary-general Marzuki Yahya questions what PAS meant by ‘lending support’ to Dr Mahathir Mohamad.